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The ammunition had been cobbled together from multiple sources.
Should there ever be an infringement later, you'll be glad to have this additional ammunition.
What does come as a shock, though, is the unmistakable sound of live ammunition.
They also carried supplies of rope, tools, and ammunition.
In today's politically charged environment, though, these routine corrections have become ammunition in the warming war.
There is a video game in which players fire antibiotic ammunition at bacteria.
Behind them, thousands of rounds of ammunition were laid out on the ground.
As an added bonus, the government supplies ammunition free of charge.
The overflowing demand is spilling into the ammunition business.
If the buyer has a reputation for being lawsuit happy, you do not want to risk giving her any ammunition.
Police said they had to resort to live ammunition against protesters after running out of rubber bullets.
Weapons, ammunition and other supplies would not be able to be carried in such a small space.
The difference now is in the guidance, control and ammunition.
Keeping watch over everyone was a gunner in the tower, and he is armed with live ammunition.
The gun people certainly will scream at the heavy tax on ammunition.
Its ammunition lacked the stopping power of other rifle cartridges.
It makes tank ammunition, lightweight torpedoes, medium-caliber ammunition and infantry weapons.
If the support is as weak as it appears to be, then this is the time to keep your powder dry and to stock up on ammunition.
The ammunition is stacked, rather than mechanically reloaded.
They resist carrying rations or ammunition on patrol, preferring to forage from villages.
The pro-secular camp is widely believed to be keeping its own ammunition in reserve.
But what sets them apart from previous lines is the ammunition.
Comparing prisons is tricky, and that leaves plenty of ammunition for critics of private jails.
Of course, antievolution crusaders have figured out that language is the ammunition of culture wars.
That's the other great thing about this program, live ammunition.
They say that ammunition found in some raids was planted by the police.
Hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition have been handed in, along with heavy machineguns and grenade-launchers.
His exuberance and boyish projection of triumph led to an addiction to taking aim from afar and wasting ammunition.
Lots of ammunition, people in confined spaces, shock and confusion.
It was necessary to have transportation for ammunition.
The prisoners were paroled, the artillery parked and the small arms and ammunition destroyed.
Two mules close at hand, packed with boxes of ammunition, are knocked all to prices by a shell.
Both their arms and their ammunition are become more expensive.
Put in place harsh penalties for evasion of the tax by non-reporting or going out of state to buy ammunition.
Already, there is a huge shortage of ammunition in the country, because everybody is buying it all up.
It is by the way matched almost dollar for dollar for import taxes on firearms and ammunition in the past of course.
Ammunition boxes, which formerly held artillery shells, are used to create walls.
The flood deprived the department of ammunition, communications, and cars.
He agreed to an amnesty for the pirates, in exchange for their support and a supply of arms and ammunition.
The cautious pursued erudition, piling up the ammunition for the conceptualists.
Pitching in with live ammunition he leads a charge himself and often leaves the field littered with casualties.
Discipline was impossible to enforce, and the soldiers too often wasted ammunition by randomly firing off their muskets.
Many people in the community knew that guns and ammunition were around, but only a tiny handful of people did any shooting.
He may be right, but it's also the case that he's given his critics plenty of ammunition.
Her best-selling tell-too-much has given them fresh ammunition.
The collapse of journalism means that the quest for information has been superseded by the quest for ammunition.
When that didn't work, he used tear gas and live ammunition.
His voting record is a pastiche that offers ammunition for both parties.
So in that sense they haven't run out of ammunition.
But no one suggested cutting down our shipments of ammunition.
Ammunition storage bunkers lurk half buried behind barbed-wire fences.
The machine-guns in their planes were loaded with belts of ammunition, and the belts were nine yards long.
There is ammunition here for both sides of the galaxy- formation debate.
Not that it's not impressive, but let's be accurate so as not to give the other side any ammunition.
When astronomers call what is clearly plasma, a gas you give the electric universe people a lot of ammunition.
If enough people do it, the thinking goes, it will give lawmakers and privacy advocates more ammunition to push for change.
Guns and ammunition must be kept in checked luggage.
If nothing else, you would think that capital-punishment supporters would be reluctant to give their opponents the ammunition.
It was the sort of crowd where people discuss how to make their own ammunition because bullets are so expensive.
Members had done night-time weapons training using live ammunition.
With conventional monetary ammunition spent, fiscal policy has become more important.
Six policemen were killed before the gangsters made off with arms and ammunition.
Another reason is that it is loth to give ammunition to the protectionist lobby.
After negotiations broke down, authorities forcibly retook the facility, using tear gas and live ammunition.
The group is charged with disabling thousands of land mines, and securing large stockpiles of ammunition.
The fighters shot blanks, the better to learn to maneuver in squads, but they buy live ammunition in bulk.
The type and make of ammunition also matched shell casings recovered at the scene.
Proper handling, storage and disposal of ammunition.
Provided certain conditions are met, a sportsman may transport and use hollow point ammunition.

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