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The seaweed absorbs the extra nitrogen and converts it into an amino acid-the building block of protein-called arginine.
T cells can discriminate between self and nonself on the basis of a change in a single amino acid in a peptide.
Varying food intake and eating enough food takes care of amino acid balance.
It is a complete amino acid and is unusually high in protein for a seed.
It's a fact that asparagus, a member of the lily family, contains the sulfurous amino acid methionine.
The protein in question contains a lot of an amino acid called histidine.
So the amino acid chain is surrounded by water molecules.
The researchers made another genetic mutation that interfered with the breakdown of the amino acid tyrosine.
When this chemical reacts with amino acid compounds it detects fingerprints on paper.
Their amino acid sequence stays the same but their already abnormal structures become increasingly twisted.
With proteins, a single amino acid change has a potential to dramatically affect the properties of the protein.
The health care provider will follow these levels closely, and will adjust the diet based on amino acid levels.
Folate also controls levels of an amino acid that may be linked to heart disease.
Cystinuria is caused by too much of an amino acid called cystine in the urine.
Can also cause a dangerous increase in blood pressure if patients eat foods rich in the amino acid tyramine.
In particular, quinoa is high in lysine, an amino acid important for tissue growth and repair.
More important, however, may be the fact that the protein in nuts is especially rich in an amino acid called arginine.
The capsomeres are composed of protein subunits with identical amino acid chains.
It takes three consecutive bases to code a single amino acid, the building block of protein.
So they left out those chemicals and instead added the amino acid leucine to soak up any remaining moisture.
Combine that with the swimming primate and amino acid saving theories and you have some good arguments for why we're hairless.
Several million years later, a primitive structure of amino acid chains and proteins begins to multiply.
The bacteria on our feet consume the amino acid leucine found in sweat.
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