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Alley stepped out on the stage amid the cheers of the audience, bowed and talked about his experience.
Even amid the epic wreckage of the neighborhood — a barge crashing .
They snapped Polaroids of me amid the chaos of my office.
There was some sweetness amid the stinging.
They appear and we drive uphill to a large house set amid leafy trees.
T> are struggling to restart output amid a shortage of parts, labour and power.
Prowl downtown and you'll find a booming contemporary art scene that has grown amid old warehouses and storefronts.
Yet amid the overall decline there are hidden growth markets.
Then you could hide among the lush grasses that grow amid the widely spaced trees.
Their quest turns into a dissension-riddled road trip amid the stunning lakes, mountains and forests of rural England.
The subway becomes a silent movie, my desk, a muted bubble amid news of war and campaign madness.
It features a cascade of crystals hanging amid low-voltage track lights.
Fill crevices with fast-draining cactus mix, tuck plants amid the rocks, and mulch with pea gravel.
Groups of chairs are placed amid the property's many oak, madrone, and manzanita trees.
The ice's beauty lures tourists, who pay guides to take them for boat rides amid the icebergs.
It has also commissioned, amid much fanfare, a series of ultra-modern museums by some of the world's leading architects.
She stood at a podium as prime minister-elect, amid a sea of jostling and ill-tempered photographers.
The central bank unexpectedly raised interest rates for the first time in three years amid concerns about inflation.
The steel business has entered a period of restructuring amid a wave of consolidation by the world's biggest producers.
Amid the gloom, a few companies and countries have benefited.
At any rate, there is turmoil within the group: many senior executives departed earlier this year amid cost cuts.
These innovations may sound small-bore amid the drumbeat of war.
Amid all the destruction, however, the blast stimulated unheralded interest in eruptions and sparked many careers in volcanology.
They are expected to eventually pitch in as the workforce shrinks amid the dwindling and aging population.
Amid these calamities, however, a number of noteworthy achievements unfolded.
Smog cloaks cities, reducing the sky to little more than a blue patch amid a blanket of haze.
Amid many promises about futuristic automobiles, an unlikely one seems to be coming true: hydrogen fuel-cell cars.
Amid public outcry and government regulations, companies are spending millions to clean up the ponds and reclaim the land.
It didn't take long for those reasons to disappear amid charges of manufactured intelligence.
GO placidly amid the hot links and the distractions, and remember what peace there may be in unplugging.
Several copies were lying flat amid a long line of similar books along the edge of the table.
Amid the bright leaves and crisp air, the return to school is bracing.
The newspaper spread out before him, amid more junk, was open to the harness-racing results.
It jump-started people beginning careers in art amid the devastation.
Ecologists once thought that many small mammals stick to tried-and-true routes amid dense vegetation that provides good hiding.
Amid a flurry of banners and a cloud of dust each year, the horses tear down the track.
But amid the thundering ten-foot waves and shattering spray, hundreds of northern fur seals played with nimble abandon.
The whale was there, a thrashing ton of panic amid the swells.
Amid the devastation of the two cities, there were widespread calls for a ban on nuclear weapons.
Amid all these cultural attractions, it's possible to overlook the extraordinary natural beauty here.
Amid a flash of fireworks, what's left of him falls to the ground in an anticlimactic slump.
The whole thing is a model of unobtrusive artistry amid the everyday nondescript.
Heaven forbid you should have to make a big decision amid such turbulence.
However, all this comes amid a drumbeat of reports about scams on the network.
Finding usable medical information amid the huge amount of genomic data is an immense challenge.
Amid the regional wars and horrific genocide, gorillas seem of little consequence.
But hidden amid the shimmering successes were darker hues.
Mud-brick towers tilt crazily on a vast, sunbaked mound, amid the crumbled debris of antiquity.
The medieval world had stumbled upon a formula for creating order out of chaos and prosperity amid backwardness.
It's probably more pronounced amid the new private equity fortunes.
But in time the potion exacts a price through clever sorcery, leaving you alone and stranded amid a bleak landscape.
Here also, amid countless feuds and intrigues, the idea of a politics advised by thinkers is struggling to take shape.
Amid the stagnation, a singular energy gripped education.
Agents conducted a second search five weeks later amid a repeated media circus.
There, amid the shudder and clang of rebar and aluminum, he ponders the biomechanics of lignin and nodes.
Amid familiar heart tones and breath sounds, this alien, machinelike noise had emerged and claimed my attention.
In real life you wouldn't wind up floating amid the clouds with someone seconds after the touch of a foot.
Amid the cramped bustle, doctors are pushing the boundaries of medicine.
But amid the hoopla that this widely publicized finding generated, a critical fact was often overlooked.
Those are luxuries that rate low priority amid the crises of the modern world.
But even amid this rigorous cascade of tradition, there is room for change.
She played a lonely not-note to herself on a non-existent harmonica equivalent its non-sonic waves unheard amid the airlessness.
Various schemes were launched to raise funds, amid widespread ridicule.
Amid the turmoil and excitement, numerous political currents competed.
And then years of apprenticeship, precariously dependent on trustees amid a set of free-living medical students.
Amid clouds of misstatements he relies almost wholly on insinuation and bluster.
Amid these worsening political problems there is the complex question of transition.
We see it in people who strive to keep children from harm, and who keep their heads amid tribulation.
He served his military apprenticeship amid gloom and defeat.
Yet amid this carnage there is one thing that, surprisingly, has continued to grow: the paycheck of the average worker.
Occasionally a high-pitched squeal is heard amid bumps and the sound of scrabbling toenails.
In every episode, he arrives amid canine chaos and leaves behind peace.
Amid the fuss that has attended his return to the fray, no one seems to have wondered whether he was up to the task.
Something was bound to slip to the side amid the chaos of the domestic arena.
Their corpses were hacked apart and burned, and two of them were hung from a bridge amid celebrations on the street.
As soon as the engagement was announced, warnings flew thick and fast amid the stream of congratulations.
We enter through this back door, and emerge amid bows in a poky restaurant with a counter that seats fewer than a dozen.
The commission's decision as to what to say on the subject had been made amid discord and tension.
Amid a pile of bills and past-due notices, a yellow telegram peeked out: please call me at your earliest convenience regards.
Pandemic flu stories of great courage amid unbearable loss.

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