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Example sentences for amicably

For a time, it seemed the parties might resolve the dispute amicably.
Most of the time, this ancient symbiosis proceeds amicably.
The companies said they had agreed to terminate the pact amicably one year early because their research priorities have changed.
Monica is a painter: middle-aged, well preserved, amicably divorced.
If he were to get part of the team back, the lawsuit might be settled amicably.
The two seem to have settled amicably, probably with a share of profits.
His right-wing government will do its best to resolve the dispute amicably.
Judging from the kingdom's past, such changes may come about amicably, through consensus among senior princes.
In part, she argues, that is because it was taken over gradually and amicably.
Everything in her parent's divorce was settled so amicably, however, that her friends were soon bored.
We've made this decision together, amicably and with each other's best interests at heart.
Though both departed amicably while the project was yet in development, their participation was common knowledge.
Mediation helps parties clarify and resolve their disputes amicably for their mutual benefit.
Matched dyads' reports of fewer complaints may be due mostly to their ability to settle disagreements more amicably.
As negotiations began, tensions rose and there was little certainty that they would be resolved amicably.
Students from tribes that were traditionally enemies lived and worked together amicably.
However, when there are many rocks in a large pool more fish will live there amicably.
Most workers' compensation cases are amicably resolved.
Partners should consult each other on all decisions, make compromises, and resolve disputes as amicably as possible.
In all three instances, the issues were resolved amicably, without litigation.
Their personal relationship eventually ended, apparently not amicably.

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