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However, interpretations of the amendment often vary.
The amendment changes the constitution in two main ways.
For the most part, hurtful words are protected by the first amendment.
Aides say he plans to submit an amendment to the census appropriation bill soon.
Satterfield, speaking in favor of the amendment, declared that it removed one of the major objections to the report.
Mr Burr's amendment would change this policy.
The House voted to adopt the amendment by a vote of 96 to 56.
The paragraph is then open to debate and amendment.
It is time for a constitutional amendment on campaign finance.
Those in favor of the amendment say aye; those opposed say no.
The resulting public opposition caused the agency to review the proposed amendment.
Increasing threats on the fourth amendment and privacy in the name of security.
It is only in part due to the additional burdens imposed upon our judicial system by the eighteenth amendment.
The amendment proposed by you cannot be acceded to in full.
Essentially, the second-amendment right to bear arms clashes with employers' rights to keep the workplace safe.
But he cannot support a federal marriage amendment without appearing to be a flip-flopper.
All hypotheses are subject to amendment or rejection upon discovery of new evidence.

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