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Example sentences for amenable

The congressman is only a letter away, and he is amenable to the demands of his constituents.
Managements of both companies must be amenable to the idea.
Some venues are more amenable than others.
In the treatment of those under his authority, the captain is amenable to the common law, like any other person.
It had to be green and lush and beautiful, amenable to gardening and long walks.
Despite the changes, House lawmakers are expected to be amenable to compromise.
He credits his peers on the campus with being amenable to his desire to try new things.
Global banks are less amenable to pressure from a single central bank.
There's always some things that are just not amenable to scientific study.
The problem must be attacked at some lower level that is amenable to automation.
Although there are several steps involved in the process, it is amenable to automation by a food manufacturer.
There is a lot of other agricultural research that is less amenable to corporate ownership but still needs doing.
In their experience no one is likely to listen unless they are a relative, a friend, or amenable to a bribe.
The novelist is not alone in understanding that reality is amenable to any construction placed upon it.
They are inherently amenable to the frictionless dissemination of information.
Your natural instinct is to go along and remain amenable, but you might not have your wildest dreams fulfilled.
Most companies, not surprisingly, aren't so amenable to the idea.
If the server does not seem capable of handling the situation in an amenable fashion, then you have to consult a manager.
He's amenable to a pay cut, and it will have to be a significant one for him to return.
Conversely, warmer water puts more moisture and energy into the atmosphere, making it more amenable to thunderstorm development.

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