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Example sentences for ambush

Two policemen and two soldiers were shot dead in an ambush.
For instance, in creating new nesting places or new spots for predator ambush.
The idea that the thylacine was an ambush predator should spur us to reconsider the reasons for the predator's disappearance.
They use their impressive leap and sticky toes to climb up into the canopy at night to ambush their prey.
The same applies to any ambush predator same size or smaller than its prey.
So, by not doing it, it will be harder for someone to ambush me.
At which point, an ambush and a bullet seem plausible.
Mosasaurs, however, were slightly smaller and hunted by ambush.
Within days, the euro countries cantered into a new ambush.
But once a crow begins to dig, other crows form a circle around the digger, waiting in ambush.
Transients have a taste for the gray whale calves, which they ambush.
The occasion was grim: a funeral for the comrades who'd been killed in the government ambush three weeks earlier.
Hunter had become hunted and the bridge held the taut expectation of ambush.
The kingfisher is an ambush hunter, perching over a river until a small fish flicks into range.
Dead ahead lies a heavy thicket, an ideal spot for an ambush by drug smugglers.
And a reminder that the threat of ambush is never further than the artificial boundaries.
Some captive octopuses lie in ambush and spit in their keepers' faces.
So he can pick and choose when and where to strike, and even if you trick him into an ambush it might not be enough.
Typical ambush predators, they squeeze their bodies into the forest substrate or leaf litter so only their heads protrude.
Right now, all we're doing is setting ourselves up for ambush.
In the rhetorical trenches of the culture wars, sometimes the best way to ambush your enemies is to echo them.
Another strategy is to ambush the bacteria with an unlikely ally: viruses.
His mausoleum was rigged with crossbows to ambush intruders.
Most scorpions lurk outside their lairs at night, and ambush their prey.
But economic reality is lurking everywhere, and new college graduates are vulnerable to ambush.
And unfortunately our community is deeply shaken once again, as these brave officers were struck down in a despicable ambush.
The convoy was then able to move away from the ambush site and onto higher ground, though still under enemy fire.
They could easily escape or the outlaws could ambush the approaching lawmen.

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Some fell by laudanum, and some by steel, And death in ambush lay in every pill.... more
So every journey that I make Leads me, as in the story he was led, To some new ambush, to some fresh mistak... more
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