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The damage to his upper lip was so bad they had to be taken to the emergency room by ambulance and he had to have plastic surgery.
On top of that, the app has a built-in emergency button so people in need can easily be located by an ambulance or the police.
Some people even use a rickshaw instead of an ambulance.
Another is an unmanned ambulance to take the wounded off the battlefield.
As soon as an ambulance is dispatched, another is sent from a lower-ranking post to replace it.
Paramedics in an ambulance rushed to the dugout from center field.
By the time he came out of it, he was in an ambulance.
Later in the day they also stopped a suicide-bomber from driving an ambulance full of explosives into anything worthwhile.
Quiet is better than loud so you could hear ambulance siren better.
He said she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.
Which means this is more than an awesome field ambulance.
The specialist said the delay in summoning an ambulance made the injuries life-threatening.
Too bad the ambulance chasers will keep it from ever happening.
Every ambulance and fire truck will be trackable on digital maps.
The police and ambulance were summoned immediately, but there was a twenty-minute wait before their arrival.
Police and an ambulance arrived, followed by a diving team that searched the bay.
The news crew, present on the beach due to the shark attacks the day before, arrived prior to the ambulance.
He travels by ambulance, in case someone needs help along the way.
Five times she was taken to a maternity hospital in an ambulance after falling in offices or in the street.
She gave enough information for the school to call an ambulance.
As they waited for the ambulance to arrive, friends stroked her sandy-brown hair and murmured comforting words.
He shot pedestrians in the street and an ambulance driver who came to rescue them.
If they do shoot someone, they are likely to stop as soon as that someone is disabled, and call for an ambulance.
Meyer, before starting his novel, worked as a derivatives trader and drove an ambulance.
They laid him down in the pasture and waited for the ambulance.
There were shouts and chaos, and an ambulance was summoned.
Because she had been so slow to respond, the officer called an ambulance.
And was brought by ambulance to hospital where they gave him a boatload of ativan and other seizure controlling medications.
He goes where the money is, which is what ambulance-chasers and other such lawyers do.
The equine ambulance transported it to the farm's horse hospital for surgery that took about two hours and forty minutes.
One way around the problem is to wear an alarm bracelet that detects when something is wrong and calls an ambulance.
When the ambulance arrives, the volunteer goes back to his day job.
Political action follows outrage as surely as the lawyer follows the ambulance.
The minister's car blocked the fire ambulance coming to the scene.
Taken bleeding by ambulance to the hospital, she was finally admitted.
And our ambulance is now running around-the-clock, transporting injured civilians to health centers.
EDs are so packed that an ambulance is turned away and sent to one farther away every minute.
They are told one night that an ambulance would come and take her away because they were not doing their job to protect her.

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