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Example sentences for amble

They walk on the ground and grab insects that they encounter, or that amble past them.
If you don't want to amble in there to review the specials, your waitress will recite them for you.
Office workers, families and schoolchildren amble past.
We amble down to the long wooden dock that juts out into the blue bay.
Comfortable handgrips and well-balanced proportions make it easy to aim as you amble.
He was still running, but his run was fast becoming an amble.
Amble about art booths and listen to local musicians perform.
These towns are places to amble in window-shop, eat, then window-shop some more before maybe eating something else.
We leave and amble down streets so laden with murals and sculptures that they appear to be museums turned inside out.
Stretch in your seat, breathe deeply, and amble up and down the aisle.
Whatever possessed these three actors to amble through such a dinky prairie oyster stumps us.
Soon enough, the others join in the spherical amble.
Septuagenarians in shorts amble fearlessly between busy intersections.
He would amble into the estate's former tasting room and greet visitors.
Upon finally calling the meeting to order, he would amble through the subject matter with no apparent objective.
Rubberneck the lobby, then amble out to the dazzling shoreline.
Coyotes-and from time to time a mountain lion, bobcat, or bear-amble through the town.
The proximity to the lake gives its residents amble opportunities to fish, boat, canoe and swim.
In another age, people could amble down to the county courthouse and watch trials first-hand.
These mostly mild-mannered omnivores will usually amble away when humans are encountered.
As the humans amble closer, the copperhead becomes more aware of their presence.
Leave the area and the skunk will amble out-probably after it is done eating.
They do not hibernate, but amble forth in search of food on cold, winter nights.

Famous quotes containing the word amble

I, who should command a regiment, Do amble amiably here, O God, One of the neat ones in your awkward squad.... more
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