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Taft's use of the patronage power was ambivalent.
He guarantees jobs, an impossible-to-keep promise that tests well with ambivalent voters.
The general attitude of the public toward this industry is ambivalent; the historical details prove instructive.
He was ambivalent, not sure he wanted to compete.
But more ambivalent is society's posture toward the civil disobedient.
The founding fathers were ambivalent about immigration.
He's become rather ambivalent on that topic, refusing to raise his hopes.
Communities may be ambivalent about or even hostile to efforts to preserve their languages.
The ambivalent ruling proved that copyright law is not up to speed with the software industry.
Others appeared ambivalent or even relieved about the defeat.
To scientists, these problematic pals are known as ambivalent friends.
We are ambivalent about some methods of mind control.
Watching this, of course, puts us in a morally ambivalent position: our neighbors' troubles have been turned into theatre.
Then, as now, many people were ambivalent about the new machines.
Nelson remained proud of his ambivalent relationship with computers.
Maybe that is why they ask for so much initially, to eliminate people who are a little ambivalent.
It makes me ambivalent about encouraging students to come to our program.
However, it cannot be facilitated by someone who is still insecure or ambivalent about which race he is in, himself.
Imagination plays an ambivalent role in the lives of your characters.
Those in the middle may tilt a bit left or a bit right, but they often have mixed or ambivalent views.
Studios are somewhat ambivalent about embracing online rentals for a number of reasons.
While it is a found footage film, it's an oddly ambivalent one.
The role of the lawyer at the investigatory stage, however, is more ambivalent.
The matter of my own stringy height, my friends have told me disapprovingly, is ambivalent.
The portraits of his friends are fervent, magnificently muddled, hyperbolic and ambivalent.
The question revealingly signals the ambivalent nature of his relationship at this point with his country of birth.
But ladling on the atmosphere doesn't make up for the thin story, with its obvious twists and irritatingly ambivalent ending.
The kingdom is more ambivalent about some of its other forays.
Yet the government still seems ambivalent about them.
At present the public appears ambivalent: polls suggest mixed feelings on both free trade and a higher consumption tax.
But look more closely and he risks bequeathing a disappointingly ambivalent legacy.
With a light touch and keen ear, she had spent decades chronicling the ambivalent desires of her self-absorbed cohort.
Both were ambivalent towards capitalism, and both ramped up public employment.
Canadians' feelings towards their giant southern neighbour are inevitably complicated and ambivalent.
The number of divorces in both absolute and relative terms has gone down, what's ambivalent about that.
Most of the other postal operators are more ambivalent.
It's always been a nation ambivalent about them too.
Water is slightly ambivalent that way too, but leans more to the oxidizing side.

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