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Example sentences for ambivalence

Americans don't always have a high tolerance for ambivalence.
But I guess the fact that they were fighting giant robots take the moral ambivalence out of the picture.
Honest and spirited writing that makes this book a compelling read, and one that could melt public ambivalence.
Overcoming his initial ambivalence, Thompson accepted the offer last fall.
Their ambivalence transforms their anger into resentment.
This ambivalence and insecurity may be a passing thing, but it may not be.
In private conversations, there is ambivalence and uncertainty.
He talks about his accomplishments with a certain detachment that one might mistake for ambivalence.
I'm sure this ambivalence is an honest reflection of the difficulties inherent in each point of view.
Instead the relationship may be fraught with envy and ambivalence.
Cultural ambivalence permeates the city, creating a complexity as rich as the aromas that waft through its spice markets.
They don't shimmer with poetic hyperbole and ambivalence.
Each time, in a rush of ambivalence, she would call back and cancel.
It's understandable that the war fills him with ambivalence.
But by then he had settled his ambivalence about politics.
When he opens his eyes, their color has gone from the ambivalence of hazel to the jubilation of blue.
He doesn't have the ambivalence, or the cynicism, that comes with postmodern thinking.
In fact, the nature of migration has altered in ways that encourage ambivalence.
Yet ambivalence about politics can also be a weakness.
And the root cause of that incoherence is a strange ambivalence over monetary policy.
If the government loses a few more big trade cases, that ambivalence could turn to antipathy.
There is also evidence in the polls of public ambivalence towards government.
The mood was expectant, spirits generally high, though not without a dampening note of ambivalence.
Crucial words are put in quotation marks so as to suggest an ambivalence in the author's stance toward them.
But, needless to say, my feelings toward the college dean have degenerated from ambivalence to long term enmity.
Reimagining graduate education might also respond to the ambivalence that many students have expressed about their careers.
Americans act out their ambivalence about the family without ever owning up to it.
It is as if in the sudden change of attention at the end the poet is expressing fear or ambivalence about what he has written.
Sometimes there's benefit to be derived from tension and ambivalence.
Cuomo has often expressed ambivalence about being in charge.
The well-known discrepancy between what parents say and what they do arises in this case from a deep ambivalence about television.
Ambivalence is common even a good relationship doesn't prevent mixed feelings.
The counselor is directive in helping the client to examine and resolve ambivalence.

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