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In the hurry of ordinary business, I had been ambiguous as to when and where we'd chat.
Confusing, ambiguous communication won't relay the correct news.
The policy may be too ambiguous to help.
And as such, it is often inherently ambiguous and open to interpretation.
Readers can find the ambiguous answer in the appendix.
It seems to be ambiguous and totally unpredictable.
There may be a villain, but reality is frustrating because it's often ambiguous.
Sometimes you'll get a text asking you to clarify or add detail to ambiguous questions.
You're asking a subjective and ambiguous question that doesn't have a definite yes or no answer.
Now just 26, she has developed an intriguingly ambiguous persona, at once tauntingly tedious and irritatingly captivating.
There's a big difference between overlapping images or ambiguous profiles and a proper optical illusion however.
Often, the music is not clearly one time signature or the other but rather a beautifully ambiguous combination of the two.
Lee tended to say that her characters were basically fictional, but her biography does seem more ambiguous.
While the study produced clear results for the larger dinosaurs the results for the smaller dinosaurs were ambiguous.
The dream activity has not succeeded in constructing a unified but at the same time ambiguous wording for the dream thoughts.
As commonly would be ambiguous here, equally or alike should be used, or simply both.
For, while the offence remained ambiguous, there was no ambiguity about the penalty.
The court will give an advisory opinion later this year that is expected to be ambiguous.
They were disappointed: the president's choices-and his intentions-remain frustratingly ambiguous.
Many judgments must be made on the basis of ambiguous information.
The report faults the government for providing information that was often bogus, ambiguous or slow.
Most large companies are great at solving highly complex problems, but poor at solving ambiguous ones.
Horror movies became more graphic, fiercely realistic and morally ambiguous.
Many of its details are ambiguous, leaving much scope for bickering when it is implemented.
Their views on political economy are now more ambiguous, as the state is less of a burden for them.
Another apparent sign of convalescence is more ambiguous.
In fact, voters' views on the subject are ambiguous.
Another ambiguous tactic is to offer rebates to customers that reach certain sales targets.
We do not get clarity by defining one ambiguous concept in terms of six others equally ambiguous.
People familiar with the inner workings of intelligence suggest a more ambiguous story.
The demise of a relationship can be lengthy, dramatic, and downright ambiguous.
Gene-testing companies will also compete to do the best job explaining often-ambiguous genetic results to their customers.
We drastically underestimated how ambiguous humans are.
Yet his cartoonish aesthetic has nothing to do with the darker, more complex and ambiguous flavor of contemporary existence.
One of the overarching problems was ambiguous implementation of navigation techniques.
The criteria for winning the awards are often ambiguous, if not arbitrary.
It's important for you to hear the chair's tone, especially when the response is ambiguous.
Ambiguous, but he sounds open to the idea of granting full credit for them.
These things are often ambiguous on message boards, but now you've clarified it.
The island he is speaking of is both the ambiguous place where he has been marooned for years and the stage itself.
His clinic soon became the foremost facility in the world for the study and treatment of conditions of ambiguous gender.
Even the opening credits are, by design-literally so-ambiguous.
The visual signals this building sends-it is at once crisp and pliable, solid and permeable-seem deliberately ambiguous.
Annihilation is, of course, an ambiguous figure of speech.
Samuelson's role in the evolution of economic methodology is somewhat ambiguous.
And the evidence from animal studies isn't ambiguous that salt causes hypertension.
Economic progress is impeded by an abundance of ambiguous laws, regulations, and enforcement.
However, one should not conclude from this that the falling object has an ambiguous fate.
The study of happiness truly needs to be studied more systematically in order to give a less ambiguous answer.
One should not conclude that the object's fate is ambiguous.
It seems strange that this ambiguous piece would appear in a scientific publication.
If responsibility is ambiguous, however, apologies can be costly to the defendant because of the admission of responsibility.
But there are also other cases which are highly ambiguous.
But new evidence-and a much better specimen-has revealed that this ambiguous animal actually belongs to the dinosaur clan.
So is the fadeout-an ambiguous smirk by the real culprit and killer.
Oddly enough, the language of the reserve clause was ambiguous.
The term student-athlete was deliberately ambiguous.
But if it's left ambiguous, then a much wider range of people might feel fearful.
The vacant or ambiguous faces common in other sections of the exhibit are not to be seen here.
And the ending is, for some of the characters, pretty ambiguous.
Other cases are so ambiguous that the law is struggling to define itself, as with surrogate pregnancy and voluntary amputation.
There's a number of genes though which are ambiguous.
Basically, it's a non-question in that it's too ambiguous to give an answer.
Scientists therefore tend to be unaware of their own mental impositions upon the world's messy and ambiguous factuality.
Until it's measured, an atom or photon can remain in an ambiguous state of all possible values simultaneously.
The original wording is ambiguous because it doesn't distinguish between fact and belief, or degree of certainty.
The phrasing the problem of the presence of evil in the world and a general answer to it seems ambiguous.
If the quotes are ambiguous, the headlines are worse.
As a starting point you chose to not define several terms that are ambiguous.
The drummers had a fast transmission system with ambiguous messages.
Yet the poll on which these conclusions are based is considerably more ambiguous than it appears.
Such a position is simplistic as the distinction between forced and voluntary recruitment is often imprecise and ambiguous.
What he has given them is a smoothly written and deeply ambiguous confection.
For there is a ferociously ambiguous environment standing against the hesitant first movements of the primitive personality.
Dayan's plans were more ambiguous but, in effect, far more ambitious.
Science became not merely ethically ambiguous but an agent of doom.
The second is evasive and ambiguous, with or without quotes.
We deplore the unnecessary suffering which results from the present ambiguous legal situation.
Sometimes the function name you specify is ambiguous.
Not so where the law may be ambiguous and therefore subject to differing readings.

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