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Also, uncertainty and ambiguity-not being sure how people are reacting to them-seems to affect people.
Around me, they feel no need to cower in corners faced with the ambiguity, general squishiness and uncertainty of biology.
For him the drama is in contrasts, the meaning in ambiguity.
It may be remarked in passing that the Court here appears to be creating an ambiguity which is not apparent in the text.
From the start this music is steeped in ambiguity.
The brain abhors ambiguity, yet we are curiously attracted to it.
But this may or may not be true--the narrative veers toward ambiguity.
There seems to be some ambiguity in the word dinosaur.
The outlaw's favorite weapon remains his moral ambiguity.
But this may or may not be true—the narrative veers toward ambiguity.
The denouement is tragic, with a true-to-life ambiguity to the resolution.
Maintaining an open mind requires having tolerance for ambiguity.
Calling evolution “just a theory” is an exaggeration of the ambiguity of the word theory.
But, in certain instances, the change may produce ambiguity or may be useful only for puns.
So long as that usage continues, there are various degrees of ambiguity, illustrated by the three following examples.
But his practice clears him of the imputation: he is saved by the ambiguity of the word independent.
The consciousness of good intentions disdains ambiguity.
For, while the offence remained ambiguous, there was no ambiguity about the penalty.
Each succeeding draft had become more sanitized, more tolerant of ambiguity, more ready to admit a diversity of opinion.
So make sure it fits or start fine-tuning the art of ambiguity.
Any ambiguity is a theoretical construct that contradicts the entire concept of zodiacal signs.
No moral ambiguity here, no feel for tragedy or fate or chance in the cosmos.
Which is to say that it was effective in creating a sense of ambiguity.
There's a lot less ambiguity and overestimation of available time in the future.
Their counts, however, had an ambiguity-a possible factor of two-when n is an even number.
Trying to measure brain ambiguity atop this seems an exercise in futility.
There is ambiguity in the process of perception about beauty.
Ambiguity and camouflage both make it difficult to understand what you are seeing.
Each participant also received background information that resolved the ambiguity, making the intention of each message clear.
Philosophy can be used to clarify ambiguity, thus enabling more precise experimentation and deeper exploration.
It was a real ambiguity, tacit and sort of recessed.
The more you try to see the painting as a plain design, the more overwhelmed you are by its irrepressible ambiguity.
Ambiguity is not an opening for insight but a bug to be fixed.
Doing research demands being comfortable with ambiguity in the early stages of a project in order to attain eventual clarity.
Being decisive in the face of complexity and ambiguity is important.
He was always a cook, and therefore possessed an appealing ambiguity.
The molecular formula also masks a hidden ambiguity.
But the method was crude, easily supporting ambiguity and error.
Although there is no ambiguity about what the gorilla did, there are a lot of questions about why.
Where others see ambiguity and guffaws, she sees opportunity.
The actual paper presumably would clear up this ambiguity.
The ambiguity makes the image all the more compelling.
But you can get around that ambiguity, in the same way that cold weather and hot weather is still weather.
Sure, ambiguity usually returns an error message in computer programming.
Good to get a decent dose of moral ambiguity in a season finale for once.
It seems to me the contrarians don't have a leg to stand on, so they revert to using ignorance and ambiguity as a shield.
And there must be utter ambiguity in the behavior of those born near the equator.
The first point is ambiguity of the dividing line that separates laws of physics from mere boundary conditions.
It's the ambiguity in what is observed that needs to be cleared up.
In your defense of the show's ambiguity, you're filling in the holes for the show's writers.
The example was chosen to illustrate this ambiguity.
Regrettably, however, his general remarks about preconceptions and hindsight once again define a position of ambiguity.
The drum language must resolve the ambiguity of the individual words by adding more words.
But this new argument is confused, because it depends on yet another ambiguity in the language of rights.
Understanding the pressures, and the pain, and the ambiguity of the life she must have lived.
That, unfortunately, leaves plenty of room for ambiguity.
The ambiguity is such that some on the left now see a need to reclaim their ideology.
First, although ambiguity about his beliefs is one of his problems, it is not the only one.
Ethiopians prize the ability to speak sweetly but with ambiguity.
In addition, there is a refreshing lack of ambiguity about what you are expected to achieve.
His message was in keeping with the archipelago's own peculiar ambiguity.
The idea that there can be such ambiguity in a simple sign is fascinating.
His life, therefore, is full of enigma and ambiguity.
But in fact he may never have uttered those precise words, and there is both ambiguity and calculation behind the bluster.
The ambiguity about her immigrant grandfather does not help.
Obviously, my personal quest to resolve the ambiguity is creating more confusion.
Last night's vote was a triumph for what diplomats call constructive ambiguity.
Science is not shy about ambiguity, never more so than when it comes to medical advice.
We don't tolerate ambiguity well because our culture socializes us to solve problems and get closure.
Hayden and his family handled this storm of ambiguity with relative grace.
And in each story line it has an unusual moral ambiguity for a big-network show.
At the end, the film ventures into the territory of ethical ambiguity.
It's a nifty device too, because it reminds you of the show's discomfiting ambiguity.
So to live in a state of ambiguity is not the same as living with humility.

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