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Example sentences for ambience

You're in an environment that's trying to create an ambience that you can't get anywhere else.
Burning wood may be humanity's oldest way of generating heat—and in the home it definitely creates a nice ambience.
The food was superb innovative French, but the ambience was casual.
Regular poetry “jams” and live jazz nights contribute to the beatnik ambience.
Because of their limited ambience and nearly identical voice, these stories are best read at intervals.
Dozens of plants complete the urban-jungle ambience.
But helping to improve the plight of a city street tree also means an improvement to the city air and to the city ambience.
But it's a natural effect of the music and ambience, not something contrived.
She also enjoys the store's relaxing ambience.
In the evening a few votive candles add a bit of ambience, and the scene is dominated by couples and small groups of friends.
The test car was a tick less than $30000 but had the interior feel and ambience of an econo-box.
We sat on the roof deck, where the ambience was ultra-simple: a sheet of brown paper laid across a picnic table.
It consults consumers on everything from the ambience of its stores to its environmental policies.
The street-side entry is a brick archway leading into a tiled foyer, conveying an alley-entrance ambience.
But the dress code of the athletes helps define the overall ambience.
Then play up the game-day ambience with lawn chairs, coolers and referee shirts.
For fashion mavens, it is the perfect ambience, dedicated to commercial beauty as the dominant contemporary art form.
The ambience would hardly suggest anything as basic as bread.
In this privileged ambience, his childhood was apparently happy.
The two-sided brick fireplace, facing both the great room and kitchen provides a warm ambience and style.
The ambience is dark, intimate and invitingly shadowy, with a handful of secluded booths.
And for a film with no real on-screen violence it generates an ambience of true terror.
Our facility has the look and feel of a big city setting but has the rural ambience and a panoramic view worth seeing.
Soups are out of this world, and the prices are reasonable for the quality and ambience.
Historic lodges preserve the ambience of nineteenth century travel for twentieth century visitors.
Not only does the new lighting enhance ambience and make the food look more irresistible, it also saves in energy costs.
Providing live background or recorded background music, for the purpose of enhancing the ambience of the off-site retail location.
She doesn't want the festival to loose the ambience.
Case studies illustrate how the leadership styles of three principals affect school ambience.
Its popularity as a tourist destination is due in no small part to its historic ambience.
It aims to keep traditional rural lane ambience, while improving the road surface within the current right-of-way.
Others enjoy the warmth and ambience of wood heat and only burn wood occasionally.

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