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We have been fortunate to walk among these endangered giraffes and get amazingly close to get some great pictures.
Typography is a peculiar art, which operates with unusually tight restraints, but is also amazingly free.
People in general can be amazingly misinformed about the quality of a degree.
Males often sport vibrant feathered ruffs or amazingly elongated feathers, which are known as wires or streamers.
At the same time, skin allows us free movement, proving itself an amazingly versatile organ.
It, too, is a work of an amazingly precise and thoughtful serenity while evoking the quiet outrage of reason abused.
The hall was nearly full, but the audience was amazingly quiet and attentive.
It's an amazingly complex place, in terms of both culture and landscape.
In an amazingly short time, software has become critical to almost every aspect of modern life.
Amazingly, today no one knows how many people visit websites.
Amazingly, it has taken the astronomers five years to realise that they probably netted an extra-galactic planet.
Words are amazingly powerful when used in the right ways.
It is amazingly absurd to think that counting calories or increasing exercise will cause long term weight loss.
Amazingly, any publication that accepted an ad without the requisite certification was subject to criminal penalties.
Amazingly, they may be all over only days after they started.
Amazingly, the bigger the difference, the longer the marriage.
The consumers are fine but are held back by an amazingly inefficient government.
Video projects have higher success rates, but we've had amazingly successful projects that don't include video.
They are amazingly diverse in both quality and content.
But so far, text messaging and wireless e-mail have proved amazingly hardy.
Bluepoint are amazingly talented and professional programmers.
They are amazing, incredibly talented, and frankly amazingly neat people.
Amazingly, and foolishly, one third of our population is sleeping less than six hours each night.
That's what prompted me to buy her new album, which is amazingly layered.
Again, with the right photo, it works amazingly well.
In contrast, digital designers who step away from skeuomorphs often produce amazingly clever concepts.
Amazingly, the bogus injection relieved the soldier's agony and prevented the onset of shock.
Amazingly, something woke up and began propagating in the petri dish.
Amazingly, the building has no heating or air conditioning.
Amazingly they turned out to be the exact same list both times.
Biologists, meanwhile, had uncovered the amazingly complex organic molecules that allow living cells to survive.
Over the weekend, two amazingly bad articles were published about climate change.
Bees have amazingly complicated social structures and behaviors, and are critical for a lot of agriculture.
Amazingly, he showed no signs of any long-term complications.
Of coarse he didn't come up with all of his ideas, but he understood them amazingly well and brought it to life.
Amazingly human and seemingly in character with the demands of the moment.
They always have an excuse, and amazingly, people always buy it.
The instrument became trapped in the lava flow, but amazingly it survived and was successfully rescued a year and a half later.
The wide range of elevation and rainfall has created amazingly diverse habitat suited to a variety of plants and animals.
Birds can be amazingly adaptable as they survive in their city environments.

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