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Example sentences for amazing

Come for a virtual visit and learn more about these amazing animals.
Follow our guide for amazing hikes and spectacular views.
Watch how the human body performs amazing feats every day.
He was one of the most amazing men of the 19th century.
Check out some amazing photos of icebergs and glaciers.
We've got a slide show of some of its amazing shots.
If you've ever felt rich expensive velvet, you'll know how this amazing spray feels to the touch.
The mimic octopus has an amazing way of escaping predators.
Pretty amazing statements here on both sides of this issue.
To find this tape and hear these voices was amazing.
It is amazing how little some newspaper writers know, or how little they think you know.
The discrepancies of choice are so great as almost to deserve the epithet of startling, if indeed they may not be called amazing.
The truth is that the public has done one of those startling and amazing things that they do about once in a hundred years.
The surrounding walls, of amazing thickness, kept off all sounds behind them.
He instanced, among others, the verb tiptoed as an amazing and incredible thing.
Let him lose himself in wonders as amazing in their littleness as the others in their vastness.
When people set their minds to it it is amazing what can be accomplished.
It's people working to make a living, and while it's obvious that it's not exactly pleasant, it's an amazing photo.
Many of the trails loop through national forest and geologic areas with amazing scenery and natural wonders.
And this story gave me the opportunity to dig into this amazing history.
It would be quite amazing to see a trained osprey perform the same service.
He found something amazing: the fossilized mold of a brain.
Photographers don't usually get at that-they want to show you one frozen image that you find amazing.
Lilac-breasted roller shows off its amazing colors in the bright sunlight.
Now we're sending a reader and a guest to experience the country's amazing biodiversity and rich cultural heritage.
Inspiring and amazing polar images break new ground in photography.
It's open to everyone, easy to use, and completely free-and it's already making an amazing impact on education.
Its amazing how much misinformation is being broadcast on this thread.
It is amazing that these alleged conferences are proliferating.
For more than a generation now, job candidates have been hitting the market with amazing qualifications.
Fantastically beautiful area with amazing recreational opportunities.
Cell phones will continue to take on amazing new capabilities.
Summer can be a good time to catch up and focus on projects, but it's amazing how hectic even summer can be.
Working with the chief executive has been an amazing experience.
When you put the right information in the right hands, amazing things happen.
Dinosaurs have always fascinated me, and it is amazing that new information about them is always being discovered.
Nano-scale medical research is promising some amazing breakthroughs in diagnosis and drug delivery techniques.
The tiny cells in our bodies harbor amazing internal communication networks.
The biologists' full story on this amazing microbe is here.
If it is not, then that proves that you never stop learning about the amazing things this wonderful planet holds.
To achieve this amazing speed, the fly makes use of complex biomechanics.
It's amazing to think about all the potential life out there.
The amazing pictures of the space station taken by ground-based amateur astronomers keeps on coming.
Researchers see amazing twists of evolution at the biological hot spots.
It's an amazing work, filled with a visual intelligence that's meticulously composed and obscenely clever.
It's an amazing place, with a jazzy sort of geometry.
Inside was a maze of tightly packed, whirring gears and shafts, an amazing engineering feat.
It's important to remember that there is no place where all the food is always amazing.
Best of all, boarders weren't the only ones privy to this amazing bounty.
It's amazing, in fact, what you can do with a fish when you really put your mind to it.
Accurate modeling of the amazing flocking behavior of starlings hasn't been possible.
It is amazing that building poorly performing solar cells get such press.
Apple hasn't created amazing new tech so much as beautiful, well-integrated tech.
It's an amazing computational trainer that anyone can build in an afternoon.
We stand at the crossroads of a new and potentially amazing era of human advancement.
His take is that algae are amazing biochemical factories.
The good news is that the signal has an amazing wealth of fine structure imposed by its environment.
However, they pull together and accomplish amazing feats once they are challenged.
The speaker that plays music through the droid sounds as good as laptop speakers, not amazing but great for a phone.
After reading these books, even nontechnical users could do amazing things with the software.
But amazing levels of sophistication are opening up.
At about nine o'clock that evening there was an amazing sequel.
It is amazing that such a simple utility has never been used on a broad scale for publicly valued activity.
The food is amazing, the beaches are heaven, and the vibe is decidedly laid-back.
It makes you feel round and supple, and to have a little life inside you is amazing.
She doesn't have a clue, which is kind of depressing and kind of amazing.
For her to have done that to the extent that she did is amazing.
They were all dressed as zombies, and they did their own makeup and created these amazing costumes.
He's trying different things and making everything look amazing.
Mere days after our treatments, with diligent use of the new products, the amazing results are already written all over our faces.
The amazing thing is that he was basically met with one of two reactions: he was insulted, or he was ignored.
They were recommended by an amazing travel agent who put the trip together.
All my fans are amazing and have helped me in my career so much.

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