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When he speaks, he's quiet and measured, but his expression suggests amazement at the foolish things people believe.
Disagreeing with the ref in an overt manner, the whole look of amazement genre.
To my amazement, all four tires were aired up and not flat.
The common theme of the afternoon was amazement that the food was all home-grown.
And to add to that amazement, there are idiots who believe every word these fossil fuel barons spew from their mouths.
The universe is a mighty big place, but there is no shortage of amazement right here in our celestial neighborhood.
My point is that it is not the shock and amazement that the media is trying to make it.
Physicists have barely even gotten over their amazement that the phenomenon even exists.
Watch as several looks of shock and amazement fail to cross my face.
To my amazement, thousands of readers failed to recognize the column as a joke.
Their amazement would be justified only if nature had set out to create an eye many millions of years ago.
Much to the amazement of a houseful audience, this tiger made it amply clear that she can swim.
Thus learning about the brain provides a wonderful mix of instruction, amazement, and self improvement.
To our utter amazement it contained liter bottles of whiskey.
We looked at each other and put our hands on our heads in amazement.
Put not yourself into amazement how these things should be: all difficulties are but easy when they are known.
So they did this and went back to the little room, where to their amazement they found a breakfast laid on the table.
And then to his intense amazement he caught the voice of his landlady.
To my amazement, they routinely offered to carry my groceries to the car.
Ordinary citizens will probably react with a mix of cynicism and amazement.
Workers say they no longer fear for their jobs and profess amazement at being consulted over company decisions.
It is only foreigners who react with amazement to the country's plethora of strikes and demonstrations.
There are few foreigners and the ones that do live there are looked upon with awe and amazement.
Indeed, one stands in amazement before the delicacy of workmanship, especially in the first few chapters.
It was sort of a way to express my amazement at her life.
The all-gal audience nods in amazement at this oversimplification of the truth.
To everyone's amazement, these experiments sent back positive results.
And it takes away not one whit of the awe and sheer amazement such an event engenders.
It is this kind of research that leaves me overwhelmed by awe and amazement.
While he'd stood shaving that morning, his right arm had gone limp, and to his amazement he suddenly couldn't speak.
To your amazement, they jump out and lie across the potholes, beckoning you to drive your car over them.
To the creationist's amazement, he sees a sumptuous party, filled with all sorts of fine cuisine and drink.
To my amazement, in all these years she almost never repeated herself.
He mimed opening a magazine with an expression of amazement, then rushed over and gave the marketer a hug.
They gained their citizenship at the expense of their amazement.
Her friends could only look on with heartbreak and amazement.
Much to your amazement, it could work itself out without you.
Long may it continue to cause my jaw to drop with amused amazement.
It makes you giggle in amazement that the same old tricks keep generating new thrills.
To his amazement, the machine played his words back to him.
We have enjoyed watching the joy and amazement in the children's eyes as they wander through the house every year.
Teachers are obligated to engage students in science and excite them about the wonder and amazement of investigating the world.

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