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The finding amazed colleagues, who had never imagined that even a trace of still-soft dinosaur tissue could survive.
Joanne's energy and strength amazed and inspired us.
He knew it wasn't a rock, but he was amazed to learn it is a mammoth tooth.
Reaction to the series-an effort to boost circulation, which it did-ranged from amazed belief to incredulity.
We're amazed it took this long to bring such technology to market.
Do some research on some of the people they have published-you will be amazed.
But you'd be amazed how hardcore people get about certain things.
Old soldiers appear amazed and disgusted at the intense bitterness of the letter and the almost insane fury of the writer.
People were amazed by his unique voice, and he started becoming popular.
You'll be amazed how few people realize you can do this.
They are typical cantankerous siblings, each amazed that the other could have sprung from the same source.
Children will be amazed at the wildlife they can spy on after dark.
Local residents of the area were amazed to be catching rock-fish, croaker, white perch and spot.
It often seemed as if there was literally something to be amazed about every week.
They were quite amazed that they could actually get text on the screen to appear the way it would when printed by a laser printer.
Was amazed by the magnitude and the range of products offered.
Either way, prepare to be both entertained and amazed.
We were amazed that it really, truly isn't that difficult to make cheese.
They were amazed, totally amazed, and they commented different ways.
He was amazed at what people talked about and what they didn't, how clean their fingernails were, how pristine their routines.
Note the rest time of three hours before you bake them: you'll be amazed at the difference in texture.
He was amazed that hearts could actually ache, actually break.
And people unfamiliar with skirt steak will be amazed by its flavor.
We climbed up and were amazed to see a lake, as dark as slate.
Some are amazed they managed to survive for a year on such a pittance.
Visitors will be amazed at the stark white beauty with its stately columns.
Scientists are amazed at the chomping ability of a newly described duck-billed dinosaur.
Spectators will be amazed by the playfulness and abundance of these intelligent creatures.
You'll be so amazed by the power of his human spirit and his human story that you won't be able to put this one down.
Amazed by the important role the cans play in triggering energy to produce electricity.
Slowly, all the villagers began gathering around the picture, pointing at it-amazed they were seeing themselves.
Amazed when they happened upon such a pile, the researchers measured it.
What is now commonplace at one time amazed the world.
He was amazed by the different compositions of different chaparral communities even in relatively close plots.
Teach entertainingly and you'd be amazed at the retention of information.
There is always something if not a lot to learn by watching a circus-one is both amazed by and sorry for the animals.
She is amazed at how different their experience is from what hers was.
It's not the amount spent that leaves people amazed, eye-catching though it was.
If memory serves, she was amazed to find the area largely uninhabited.
The people were amazed, but imputed their preservation to art-magic, and the martyrs were condemned to be beheaded.
The reporters looked on, amazed, and turned away questions about what generation they were.
You'd be amazed at how you don't even know where your money goes.
It's easy to feel both amazed and utterly overwhelmed by the amount of information that humans have created in the digital age.
Amazed at the compound's cleaning abilities, they pursued the science.
He was as amazed as anyone, but he soon went back to the larger problem of studying all the rest of the ocean.
Anyone who's a parent is still amazed that it works.
He is amazed, and realizes that humans and saurians must have a shared distant ancestor.
Amazed to find the coherence between our behaviour and environment.
You'll be amazed by animals as they fly, crawl, and climb across the stage.
View the beautiful pottery and be amazed at the pride and beauty that goes into each unique pot that is made.
Many of the visitors were amazed at the equipment loaded in the vehicle.
Muscle car enthusiasts were amazed at the performance capabilities.
We were all amazed that a banana showed conductivity.
He was amazed at how beautifully the city has come back.
But these mountains also have a rich geologic history, and those who explore here will be amazed by what they discover.
Once you start looking for opportunities to walk, you will be amazed at how many there are.

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