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Example sentences for amateurish

Even the amateurish mounting job could not diminish their power.
The rather amateurish quality of the website is telling.
The pre-frozen fried items were cold in the middle and the service strictly amateurish.
In fact, they were so enamored of their amateurish designs that they valued them as highly as origami made by experts.
Sad truth is that this was really amateurish overall.
The space was hot and loud, the service well-meaning but amateurish.
Resident-created content can be amateurish and even offensive, but it easily keeps up with demand.
For the smug people here who think this was amateurish- let's see if any of them can come up with a better video.
Here the vintage clips of the clubs are blurry and amateurish.
Occasionally he speaks his lines awkwardly, which is not always astonishing, for the dialogue is sadly amateurish.
Their work here is still amateurish but has flashes of real humor.
He is amateurish and wooden and seems not to comprehend the reason for his predicament.
Much of the acting is amateurish, and the sound is so poor that some of the dialogue is unintelligible.
Such amateurish psychologizing serves only to trivialize a sacred event.
He had his weaknesses: his cosmography was amateurish, his navigation overrated, his writing feeble.
Too many football administrators are secretive, amateurish and incompetent.
Not all of this can be dismissed as amateurish twaddle.
Traditional businesses, especially the many small and amateurish ones, are threatened with extinction.
For many scientists and engineers who have worked in industry, the climate science appears amateurish.
It is a crappy and amateurish writing style by the authors of the article.
Across all locations, the service is spotty at best and tends to be quite amateurish.
But in terms of means, he played his hand awfully amateurish.
Pension-fund trustees are too amateurish and spend too little time looking after the funds in their care, he says.
They are amateurish: poorly framed, taken with a cheap camera.
One thing he did not share with some others of the counterculture was a taste for sloppy and amateurish craftsmanship.
The photographs look amateurish, a crude mixture of the sinister and lighthearted.
The screenplay was amateurish, but the thinking behind it was not.
Most members of the supporting cast are amateurish and awful.
Many knockoffs are easy to spot because of their amateurish packaging.
It was an amateurish tryout that produced more bitterness than ads.
They fiddled with a videocamera and digital-editing software, producing amateurish computer-edited movies.
Some attempts at photo fakery are still amateurish and obvious, but the best work these days is subtle and sophisticated.
Their positions on important real estate conveyancing issues are presented in amateurish and confusing fashion.
German efforts were late, amateurish, and ineffective.
The survey instruments deployed for observations were at best amateurish.
Based on my own clearly amateurish legal research, the answer seems to be yes.

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