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In an age of specialists I find no end of fun in being an amateur.
But that's a sure sign of a total amateur.
Mr Howe aims to show that groups of amateurs can often produce better results and do so far more cheaply than professionals.
My first camera was a Christmas present from my father, a good amateur photographer.
Her strictly amateur sleuthing succeeds only by accident.
My photos look very amateur after looking at this, but it's still fun to enter the contest.
Yet it is an honourable subject, and this amateur could hardly have plunged more plainly and directly into it.
She recently picked up a new sport—boxing—and will soon compete in her first amateur match.
This is a very readable book for amateur and experienced photographer alike.
In some cases, citizen-scientists such as bird-watchers or amateur astronomers collectively can make significant contributions.
Amateur winemakers are prone to first-timers' mistakes.
To this, entertainments were sent by an organized committee which drew upon the commercial theatre as well as upon the amateur.
In my mind, true intellectual work requires deep dedication and a willingness to labor long after the amateur would have quit.
Then the amateur mechanic came out in the parking lot with me to listen to my sorry-sounding car.
Any amateur gardener knows plants need two things to survive: sunlight and water.
Amateur astronomers say the displays of noctilucent clouds this week have been some of the best for years.
Recently, however, researchers have conducted the first brain-imaging studies of both amateur and professional dancers.
It is a popular target with for amateur astronomers' telescopes, although too dim to reveal its magnificent colours.
He was by profession a skilled commercial illustrator and by avocation a highly regarded amateur astronomer.
When people think citizen media, right now they think amateur journalism.
Today computers are standard tools for amateur and professional literary investigators alike.
Strangely enough, on the face of it, an amateur literary stylist is less likely to do that than a professional scholar.
He learned about bones early in his life, he says, by breaking a lot of them as an amateur jockey.
And of course blogs and websites made word-of-mouth and distribution far easier for an amateur with a day job.
In the past, amateur films never made it into the multiplexes.
Now, amateur photographers can produce artfully balanced images with a new digital-processing algorithm.
Amateur satellite spotters can track everything government spymasters blast into orbit.
Once deployed, they can put out enough power to be picked up on the ground by a hand-held amateur radio receiver.
Of course, amateur athletes can lose their heads, too.
Last year alone, more than twelve hundred amateur licenses and a hundred and fifty-three professional licenses were granted.
But there is nothing in the video that definitively conveys that, to an amateur eye.
When he spots an opportunity, he will conduct an amateur experiment.
Her father, a dermatologist and an amateur artist, pushed her to excel in all things.
There is still something of the ill-disciplined amateur show, despite the new controls.
Not surprisingly, they fascinate some biologists and amateur naturalists.
Photos were submitted by both professional and amateur photographers.
They're tireless defenders, life-saving rescuers, and even amateur therapists.
Scratching around in the ancient dirt of repellent prejudice instead of tackling the real issues is amateur hour.
The amazing pictures of the space station taken by ground-based amateur astronomers keeps on coming.
The line between amateur and professional astronomer has always been thin.
Olson and a small cadre of other amateur nuclear engineers have found a simpler way.
And we're all amateur blogging hobbyists with day jobs.
Through amateur telescopes these faint gas clouds appear gray and unexciting.
Amateur aquarists were the first to suspect that octopuses played.
As a foreigner, and a kind of amateur scholar, he sees in art works what professional academics and natives do not.
With a pistol, and certainly with a rifle, an amateur sniper could have killed several soldiers.
With the threat of prosecution or a paltry pay-out, amateur archaeologists are unlikely to feel public-spirited.
For a rank amateur to accomplish a performance without breaking down in the vast finale was tantamount to a musical revolution.
Nobody wants to unleash amateur doctors and dentists on the public, or untrained tattoo artists for that matter.
Amateur polymaths can allow themselves such sweeping observations.
So many malls have died or are dying that a new hobby has appeared: amateur shopping-mall history.
At first, the evidence produced-tapes, computer discs-suggested an amateur outfit.
But their amateur repair work rarely survives the first rainstorm.
Data logging is cheap enough to be commonly used by amateur sports car racers.
The amateur forecaster should modify the table in accordance with his or her own observations.
No wonder, then, that civil rights groups have embraced amateur videos.
There's a particular thrill in seeing an amateur attempt your job.
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