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Example sentences for amalgamation

Max is based on an amalgamation of my son and stepson.
In front of me is a strange amalgamation of '60s-era flip switches and modern digital display screens.
They call this amalgamation — human genes plus microbial genes — the metagenome.
It's an amalgamation of various training methods.
The city was created in 1970 by the amalgamation of the twin cities.
But he has also produced a moody fictional essay of urban culture and its organic, pervasive amalgamation with technology.
The reef is an amalgamation of flat and jagged coral heads.
Each is itself an amalgamation, and neither has developed a strong brand name.
Tampa has lost something, too, in the regional amalgamation.
The mere idea of this amalgamation was instrumental in producing the rebellion.
The amalgamation of all such company-wide actions emerge to create a brand, he argues.
But the movie is an uneven, unfocused amalgamation of ideas and moods that is at times deeply moving nonetheless.
What you have here is a sort of poor amalgamation of forum and blog.
Our menu of preferred and frequently prepared foods is an amalgamation of our individual preferences, experiences, and traditions.
The move north was slower, and involved more amalgamation with hunter-gatherers.
Advanced dementia has often been treated as an amalgamation of symptoms in the aging, rather than a deadly illness in itself.
It is a hydrocarbon amalgamation derived from crude oil that was millions of years in the making.
Most of the papers in these big journals would be the amalgamation of several papers for more specific journals.
The pulp was then transported from the stamp battery by cart to amalgamation pans.

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