amalgamate in a sentence

Example sentences for amalgamate

To fully integrate is to eventually assimilate and amalgamate.
Some departments grow, some shrink, some amalgamate.
Class actions amalgamate many similar but small complaints into one big one.
Whisk the mixture to amalgamate.
Sometimes he would amalgamate the contents of a couple of baskets.
Two groups made a bid at about the same time, and it was suggested they amalgamate.
The two companies did not amalgamate before June 28, 1926.
Stir in the wine, scraping the casserole to amalgamate all the browned bits.
In many cases they will have to specialize or amalgamate to profit most by the mass market.
Fletcher's aim in this book is to amalgamate their viewpoints.
During the business sessions, a resolution was made to amalgamate all segments of the popcorn industry into a single association.
Tests also should be conducted to determine if the mild steel will amalgamate in this system.
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