amalgam in a sentence

Example sentences for amalgam

Samurai meets spaghetti western in Takashi's mad amalgam.
Japan is an amalgam of ancient traditions and modernity.
Most of the social science fields are built on an amalgam of other fields.
As progressive nonprofits, an odd amalgam of green groups and labor organizations has emerged in the midwest state budget battles.
His amalgam of tightly written sports story and crime fiction sinks a winning basket.
The main problem was the city's infamous “smog” (an amalgam of “smoke” and “fog”).
The book, written with freelancer Siegmund, is an amalgam of the silly and the significant.
Like all propaganda her "rationale" is a clever amalgam of half-truths and lies.
The recipe is an amalgam of styles.
The result is a fierce amalgam of funk, noise and heavily distorted guitar.
The amalgam of equipment in various departments made connecting it all difficult, however.

Famous quotes containing the word amalgam

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