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Example sentences for alumni

The massive recruiting of athletes goes on apace at many colleges, sparked as always by victory-hungry alumni.
Some of our retired alumni who live in the area stop by my office and we talk.
Many college alumni wear their love for their alma maters on their sleeves, if not their sweatshirts.
Many schools strive to have an annual event that rallies the students, draws alumni and instills school spirit.
It survives in memory and online, thanks to thousands of nostalgic alumni.
Spending changes have no impact on win-loss records, alumni donations or incoming students' academic standing.
The downturn in print publications has also hit magazines for alumni.
Dedicated alumni trustees support the University's efforts to reach out to its alumni.
He located a list of football alumni and reached out to them for help.
She is easily the most famous of the band's alumni, having broken out as a solo artist last year.
In fact, for years the sport barely registered outside of college alumni fans.
Emily seems to be a prime example of our public school alumni.
Programs need to keep track of their alumni and make sure they are giving them the skills they need for those paths.
Alumni gifts and endowment earnings help with the costs.
Alumni are common fixtures on college governing boards.
It's so easy to become consumed by annual-fund totals, alumni-participation rates, and capital campaigns.
Inviting nonacademic alumni back into the department sends a clear and positive message.
Younger alumni, he added, tend to socialize in other ways than at a club with linen tablecloths.
Our alumni are active in all phases of the life of the nation and the world.
Alumni service days are fast becoming a rite of spring for colleges and their graduates across the country.
The school has a strong alumni base and good connections with the local business community.
No longer is breakthrough-gerontology fostered primarily by university administrators humoring their aging alumni.
The piece in the alumni magazine ran close to one year ago and was likely written more than one year ago.
University letters to students and alumni are usually cheerful.
Peppering in the names of distinguished alumni is an easy way to boost commencement speech.
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