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The gesture was not necessarily altruistic; he was hoping for a donation in return.
Lee wishes that she had a more altruistic reason for knitting.
As the world has seen, altruistic appeals to organ donation have not yielded enough organs for transplantation.
Of course, not all celebrities are entirely altruistic.
The basis of all sound altruistic activity is sympathy, and sympathy again depends on the imagination.
Only cynics noted that the move was not entirely altruistic.
The entire promotion-and-tenure system-which depends on altruistic volunteerism-would collapse.
Let me tell you that when an altruistic pursuit is fitted into a capitalistic mold things can get ugly.
No doubt, however, this has sometimes happened and may account for a fraction of one percent of all altruistic acts.
If that's the case, then altruism wouldn't be all that altruistic.
The motives behind buying or creating these designs are probably not entirely altruistic.
Capitalism is anything but altruistic by nature, actually quite the opposite.
The aim of this so-called altruistic vaccine is to block transmission from human to human via the mosquito.
To begin with, no one has identified any genes that code for altruistic behavior.
The macroeconomic side involves some of the company's seemingly altruistic behavior, which often baffles observers.
The motive here is a bit more altruistic than it would be in the war zones.
By forming snowflakes which produce altruistic cell types, cells can grow faster than their non-cooperative ancestors.
Creatures that are less social should also be less altruistic.
There was a tendency for pairs that knew each other well to show more altruistic behavior than pairs that were unfamiliar.
Also if they are on the altruistic side an uplift scenario might also be viable.
So there's a lot going on below the surface of this harmonious, altruistic picture--all sorts of tugs-of-war.
Civilization and prosperity has finally given our altruistic and cooperative natures a means of expression.
Nah, no altruistic intent at all on the part of the alien.
And with social media, there are ready-made ways of tapping into this altruistic community.
In fact, it seems likely the same act can be both selfish and altruistic when looked at from different frames of reference.
The result amounts to selection favoring altruistic behavior.
The benefit of psychopathy is that you exploit the altruistic without the cost of reciprocating.
For example, it remains unclear from the study whether volunteers really were more altruistic or simply claimed to be.
Actually, there's extensive research to show that humans do tend to have a fairly strong altruistic component.
AA has become an engine of social decay posing as a noble, altruistic fellowship.
There would be no need to show a profit because all your shareholders would be happy supporting such an altruistic venture.
But by every measure, he has a fine character, a fundamentally altruistic personality.
The general public tends to see them as uniformly altruistic, idealistic and independent.
Mirror neurons neatly explain altruistic acts which do not need government programs to elicit them.
Credit-based systems are easily gamed and, in our opinion, encourage selfish rather than altruistic behavior.
Having left the company before, can't help think up conspiracy theories that he didn't leave for altruistic health reasons.
Altruistic motivations do not exist in corporations.
If you chose to, that is a charitable, altruistic kindness.
They are not altruistic, they give dollars in expectation that they will receive a return on their investment.
The idea that governments can be run by altruistic bureaucrats devoid of personal interests is silly.

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