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Most players wore jacket and tie, although Donovan didn't require it.
I'm not referring to some horror movie monster, although that's what the line most likely conjures up in the imagination.
This isn't really a confession, although it may sound like one.
People have never stopped writing, although it's reaching a point where you wish a lot of them would.
I'd like to think he'll be flattered, although I can't be sure.
Definitions of synthetic biology vary, although there appear to be three main types.
Mining for gold is another, although minor, threat to forests of the ecoregion.
Proponents argue this has played a central role in the region's economic success, although the evidence to support this is thin.
Radiation levels at the front gate of the site had begun to rise above background, although they were still far from dangerous.
It is not the range of the author's interests that is so unusual, although this is wide.
Although the situation currently seems calm, the stability of the military government remains at risk.
Although getting in is tough, admissions staff invariably present a smiling face.
The decision to dip into reserves was unexpected, although it did not come entirely without warning.
Although the media are still pluralistic, the space for criticism has been squeezed.
Omega, although a costlier producer in both industries, is a less expensive maker of cars.
Although, strictly speaking, the trouble isn't of his making.
Although they're more expensive than the conically shaped ones, straight-sided cages are easier to use.
Although it is new, the structure looks old, thanks to recycled wood and comfortable furnishings.
Although they have more delicate potato buds, they can be mashed, if you're gentle.
Although there are dozens of varieties, pumpkins fall into two categories: those for carving and those for cooking.
Although these eggs aren't widely available in stores, you can often find them at farmers' markets.
Although free-choice may sound great, rats will also have the option of eating whenever they please.
Tolerates any exposure, although it prefers shade in hottest climates.
Although asthma can be fatal, thankfully deaths are infrequent.
Although these can occur with no help from technology, they are another by-product of sloppy word-processing.
There are many other fine search consultants who do similar work, although each of us has a somewhat different approach.
Although their placards bore hundreds of different messages, students throughout the city shared similar concerns.
The patient, although now on life support, is doomed.
Although not every student seeks counseling, many centers are stretching their resources to accommodate those who do.
Although the several stories are sometimes identical, the advance in the art of narrative is obvious.
Although microbes may have invented alcohol, it was the mammals that mastered it.
No major side effects were reported, although the technique is not recommended for anyone with a history of seizures.
Distance east to west did so as well, although to a lesser extent.
Although their eyes and optic nerves were functional, the region of their brains involved in visual processing had been damaged.
Although they are fascinating from a purely scientific point of view, their utilitarian value is not so clear.
For instance, although they might appear creative or ethical, they're actually not.
Although he was cautious-using encrypted e-mail to communicate with a reporter-his leak was discovered.
Although its legs were preserved in place, geological processes destroyed the rest of its skeleton.
Although the being looked apish in many ways, the face lacked a pronounced muzzle as seen in chimps and gorillas.
It is much more than entertaining, although it is certainly that.
Although four out of five wildfires are started by people, nature is usually more than happy to help fan the flames.
Although chimps and humans are closely related, the apes have suffered much at human hands.
Horseshoe crabs are actually related to scorpions and spiders, although often mistaken for crustaceans.
Although roughly one in five of all mammal species is a bat, the winged animal has long been an enigma to scientists.
Although doing so can certainly improve your home's energy efficiency, it may not be as cost-effective as you think.
Although the chemical known as deet currently dominates the mosquito-repellent market, nature is full of bug-banishing strategies.
Although these processes do not directly release ozone, they produce nitrogen and volatile organic chemicals.
The kids' bedrooms are their own territories, as is the school, although their parents are allowed into both of those places.
If the incentives are great enough settlement is possible, although at great cost and risk.
The trematode also affects people-although not so dramatically as in developing frogs.
Although urban areas are built by and for humans, wildlife also has to share the same spaces.
No one knows its conservation status, although it is generally considered to be rare.
And although reports of serious human injury are rare, there are records of people dying from the creature's noxious sting.
Although bug fossils are quite common it is rare to find complete specimens.
Although shipboard safety incidents are highly publicized, they remain relatively rare.
Modern cruise lines are casual and activity oriented, although simple dress codes may apply at night.
Although there is little limitation in terms of color or pattern, use your judgment and avoid oversized logos or text.
Most cabins sleep two guests, although a portion of each category can accommodate three or four.
Although the government's efforts to stop foreclosures have had lackluster results, another new program hopes to do better.
Although, truth be told, it might not be an irrelevant consideration.
And although it may seem invincible, its fundamental design flaws presage disaster.
Although he can neither do nor teach, he regards himself as a player-coach.
Although a majority of them go on to develop symptomatic cancer, it may take many years.
There is no cure, although the condition can sometimes be treated with medications and dietary restrictions.
Although every variable is considered beforehand, adjustments have to be made as the game progresses.
Although the silicon itself couldn't stretch, the entire circuit could.
Although, he did not add, not as big a drag as for the turtle.
Their results, although preliminary, are eye-opening.
Nobody knows what caused the cold spot although there are no shortage of ideas.
The gardens, although less extensive than their predecessors, are spectacular.
Although often annoying to users, the ads that appear next to search results play a crucial role in the online economy.
Although trends come and go, chocolate mousse never fails to impress.
Today, although it's no longer the primary fuel source, peat is still used to flavor the barley.
Although the winter melon's delicate white flesh has no distinct taste of its own, it absorbs the broth's flavor.
Although it's no longer an amuse, you can still get it--even though it's not on the menu.
Although the hotel has been opening in stages, a full-tilt debut is coming this fall.
Although the answer seemed to appear out of nowhere, the mind was carefully preparing itself for the breakthrough.
He has an open face and an engaging smile, although there are circles under his eyes from too many long nights.
Although it's silly season, some prestige pics pop up, too.
Although not strictly true, this designation would have amused her.
Although they said that the cast dynamics are organic, it's difficult not to see the contestants as archetypes.
Although the couple was wildly successful, they lived pretty traditionally.
Although they had been promised equality as fellow citizens many of them found themselves rejected.
The administration has not yet defined this war, although a head of steam is building for military action.
Although the results are inconclusive, they seem to show that such mergers had been at best a marginal investment.
Although the existence of such differences is undeniable, there is no consensus about what causes them.
What she didn't say was that she hadn't always been so accepting, although four others in her family have the same disorder.
Although eight maintained a normal sleep-wake cycle, two experienced extremely fragmented sleeping and waking patterns.
Although neutrino detectors already exist, their accuracy is limited.
Although there is no ambiguity about what the gorilla did, there are a lot of questions about why.
Her health seemed stable, although she usually felt tired and was unable to exercise because her muscles felt weak.
Although stars don't collide, gas clouds are much larger, some dozens of light years across.
Although the differences are small, they show up in the diseases that different groups get and how these groups respond to drugs.
And our comment section after her post was certainly lively, although relatively well-behaved.
The glow could warn predators or help scorpions to recognise each other, although neither possibility has been tested.
Although my patient looked exactly the same, the first three times the answer was no, but the fourth time it was yes.
Cocaine also damages the heart wall itself, although why this occurs is not well understood.
Some of their actions, although quirky, are not crimes.
Ideas and discoveries are not protected by the copyright law, although the way in which they are expressed may be.
Although a relatively infrequent problem nationwide, woodpecker damage to homes and outbuildings can be significant in our region.
Injections of gold salts also provided some relief, although no one really knew why.
The human brain, although encased by a heavy-duty cranium, isn't designed for football.

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