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Alternatively, you could be a clinician with experience leading medical education in a related healthcare environment.
Alternatively, you may be able to rearrange your primary job's work schedule slightly to help balance grad work.
Alternatively, editors may type queries directly into the lines of text-perhaps bracketed in bold or with highlighting.
Alternatively, maybe the handwringing about lack of reading is really all for nothing.
Alternatively, the chart might help persuade your chair to support your budget requests.
Alternatively, your timing might be perfect, and the dean could be your best advocate.
It might, alternatively, choose to abandon debt altogether and buy equity.
Alternatively, it is another way to bleed the bankers.
Alternatively countries may choose to intervene in the foreign-exchange markets to prevent their currencies from rising.
Alternatively, they can import approved, non-polluting vehicles with a big discount on import duty.
Alternatively, you can browse our print edition contents page, which lists and links to all articles in the current print edition.
Alternatively, the high-scorers may simply have relatively fewer interesting things to geo-tag.
Alternatively, you may purchase a digital or print subscription online.
Evangelicals thought of themselves as outside the mainstream, alternatively disgusted by it and called upon to change it.
Alternatively, though this now looks unlikely, the government could fall.
Alternatively, the species' living relatives might have retained it.
Alternatively, because both bacteria and polymers are repelled by water they may be pushed together by this joint repulsion.
Alternatively, the participants could be asked to rate their own answers.
Alternatively, one of the group's three major brands could be sold.
Alternatively, humans might view themselves as a sort of collective organism-a human casing surrounding a vast colony of microbes.
Alternatively, a fiscal stimulus component could be added.
Alternatively, they could set a price for the permits designed to achieve more or less the same number of sales.
Alternatively, the everyday-low-price pull may lessen as prices stop falling so quickly.
Alternatively, if your verse can transcend the parody that is its seed, it doesn't matter if nobody remembers its original models.
Alternatively, it must resign itself to dead cod being discarded by its national fleet because they cannot legally be landed.
Alternatively, lenders may take their responsibilities.
Alternatively, write and draw on the burlap with colored markers.
Alternatively, use a metal bowl placed in a saucepan filled with water.
Alternatively, roll the dough into a loaf and chop off slices.
Alternatively, add these the next day before the soup is reheated.
Alternatively, spray cutting boards and surfaces with vinegar at night, and the odor will dissipate by morning.
Alternatively, you can add a pump to the system to ensure uniform pressure.
Alternatively, rent a bicycle-inquire about the closest rental place at your hotel, or simply ask around in the bazaar.
Alternatively, push the finished compost to one side and put fresh bedding with food scraps in it on the other side of the bin.
Alternatively you can visit one of the wildlife centers.
Alternatively, you may prefer a decongestant in the form of a nasal spray.
Alternatively, guests can chose to stay right at the hotel and enjoy its freshwater swimming pool when weather permits.
Alternatively, it is fairly inexpensive to take a taxi from the city center and ask the driver to wait.
Alternatively, choose one of the other many items, such as merchandise or dining certificates.
Alternatively, consult the owner's manual for electrical or power requirements.
Alternatively, you can e-mail the shopping list to a mobile phone or print the list once it's on a computer.
Alternatively, should you record your performance, you can add many of these effects after the fact by tapping the edit tab.
Alternatively, you can bang on a drum to frighten the dragon into regurgitating the moon.
Alternatively, a tripod could be used for displaying the projected image on a surface.
Alternatively, a third factor could spawn both a psychiatric condition and violence.
Alternatively, the planetesimals may have been trapped by the planet's increasing gravity during its final stages of growth.
Alternatively, one might expect to see people prefer dimensions that their country is lacking.
Alternatively, the procedure may have slowly spread from a single starting point.
Alternatively, common diseases in a population could co-occur at random.
Alternatively, you could have found yourself in the control condition in which the cheater was never punished.
Alternatively, cover the bottom of the tub in these materials.
Alternatively, they might take longer to process and understand the information they are accessing from the eyes.
Alternatively, there is the beginning to explore the possibility to produce fusion energy without any nuclear radiation hazards.
Alternatively, those guys working on teleportation need to get cracking.
Alternatively, woolly mammoth anatomy may have varied through time and from region to region.
Alternatively, compressed air means could be generated to drive turbines.
Alternatively, such short naps may not necessarily change the strength of the memory, but rather allow easier access to it.
Or alternatively as not knowing what they claim to know.
Additionally, the production can be alternatively be used in the fertilizer market.
Or, alternatively, positive feedback mechanisms that they overlooked that will make their prediction a vast vast under estimate.
Alternatively, teams who do poorly also win new fans.
These shows pit caustic and manipulative brunettes against surprisingly canny blondes, or alternatively, focus on dippy brunettes.
Alternatively, it'll permit them to divorce and marry other people, even if they have kids.
Alternatively, they may take in more hormones and growth factors that play a role in cognition.
Alternatively, if the discounts were deeper immediately, then buyers might renovate an existing property instead.
Alternatively, openings may not have increased by as much as the preliminary number anticipates.
Alternatively, you can tell your friends your house has bedbugs.
Alternatively, a vendor may simply refuse to sell goods to any purchaser that refuses to pay the full purchase price.
Or, alternatively, treat him with the magnanimity he may not deserve.
Or, alternatively, every machine inevitably runs down.
Alternatively, the government might reinsure people.
Alternatively, you can heat it in a microwave-safe bowl.
Alternatively, some clots can be physically retrieved through a blood vessel, but few hospitals practice this technique.
Alternatively, they can reduce their emissions by investing in more efficient technologies.
Alternatively technology review should provide a way of explaining new terms for the general public.
Alternatively, filters and mirrors show promise for controlling photons' light as a switching mechanism.
Alternatively, manufacturers could add a button to fobs that would allow owners to deactivate and reactivate them.
Alternatively, and even more indirectly, the mix-up could be attributed to a hare.
In courthouse encounters she is alternatively friendly and hostile, and totally unpredictable.
There is, alternatively, the compounding and intoxicating effect of free.
Alternatively, cells can multiply but remain attached, staying united in their division.
Alternatively, people may have seen honeyguides showing guiding behaviour next to a honey badger.
Alternatively, flagging mitochondria might simply cause cells to run out of steam.
Alternatively, a structure that striking could allow individuals to communicate with one another.
Alternatively, other parts of the brain could play a role.
Alternatively, the bees could flee their hives to avoid infecting their colony-mates.
Alternatively, it might actually benefit them to entice wasps into laying into the shield eggs.
Alternatively, the frogs may have used them to grip or climb.
Alternatively, refer me to the primary literature where such a test has been performed and published.
Alternatively, the existing neurons could simply form better connections with one another.
Alternatively, it could be that because they don't fall prey to stereotypes, they're more likely to socialise with everyone.
Alternatively, they could have wormed their way towards the shell from an internal organ, after being swallowed.
Alternatively, worries about their appearance might simply distract them from the task at hand.
Alternatively, they could arise from different methods.
Alternatively, it's possible that gestures build vocabulary indirectly, by prompting reactions from parents.
Alternatively, one could fish close to shore in a small boat, and return to shore that same day to dry the fish.
Alternatively, or often in addition, they claim evidence supporting evolution in those cases is not good enough.
Alternatively, our observations can be modeled by mathematics to varying, so far never perfect accuracy.
Alternatively, they could simply drop prescription coverage.
Alternatively, try adding shredded carrots, diced apples and raisins to tuna salad.

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