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Example sentences for alternative energy

If solar follows this path, it could be bad for the entire alternative energy industry.
Alternative energy is also catching on in parts of the developing world where it's a necessity, not a choice.
Companies might spend money on alternative energy sources.
Alternative energy projects make make money at the high price, will not repay their investment at the low price.
It is added into the article because it's always a good idea to inject a little reality into alternative energy schemes.
These alternative energy schemes all work better when they are stationary, and can take up a lot of space and weight.
No one really knows if, or how quickly, alternative energy sources can revive the economy and salve the planet.
When it's processed, that oil can be turned into biofuel, an alternative energy source.
Also, they may be used to steady out the power of alternative energy.
Fossil fuels, including methane could tide us over until alternative energy sources are discovered.
As lighting and computers etc are designed to use less electricity, stand alone alternative energy becomes more viable.
If alternative energy sources were currently feasible, they would be taken advantage of on a much larger scale.
Research for biofuels and alternative energy should be supported through grants to overcome the high costs of research.
Giddy oil prices, meanwhile, will only increase interest in alternative energy.
If handled correctly, nuclear energy can be a safe alternative energy.
Alternative energy naysayers rightly complain that electric car enthusiasts are blind to these complex realities.
The fuel saved could then be used for aircraft which do not currently have a viable alternative energy source.
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