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Career choice in an alternative universe: music composer.
The choice must ever be in favor of righteousness, and this whether the alternative be peace or whether the alternative be war.
When an alternative movement goes mainstream, it relinquishes its alternative credentials.
All artwork must be accompanied by alternative text.
The only leisure alternative to television is public space.
The search for alternative fuels is extremely important.
Online learning and virtual public schools are an alternative to attending public school.
If other drivers have hit traffic, you're notified to take an alternative route.
There is a better alternative for producing Hydrogen using only sunlight.
This is a delicious alternative to pumpkin pie.
Luckily a music shop in the city provides an appealing alternative.
It's an affordable and lightweight alternative to wood.
Increasingly, the sites have sections devoted to alternative careers as well.
Discovering an economical and environmentally cleaner alternative to fossil fuel.
Alternative arrangements will be provided for candidates not attending the convention.
Fresh white peaches and white wine offer a crisp, lighter alternative to sangria's traditional red blend.
Aluminum serves as a less costly alternative to stainless steel for counters.
With a stylish green-and-gold palette, this composed salad is an elegant alternative.
Often called tom kha gai, this coconut milk based soup is a rich and flavorful alternative to traditional chicken soup.
The alternative would be wasteful, not to mention downright cruel.
Ensure peaceful dreams with down-alternative hypoallergenic pillow.
She's getting alternative treatments involving essential oils.
Today, these dense chopped salads are making a comeback as an interesting alternative to mixed green salads.
Being more durable than alternative materials, products made from polypropylene don't need to be replaced as often.
Then factor in a lack of strict building codes and an acceptance of alternative viewpoints.
The mantle headboard frame was created using pieces of foam trim, an economical alternative to purchasing a wood mantle.
The alternative is to simply buy and repackage seeds-but if you haven't grown them, you don't really know them.
As an alternative sweetener for the meringues, we're going to try seeping stevia leaves in water to make a simple syrup.
We must work faster to change consumer behavior and develop alternative sources of power.
However, the researchers make a good case that none of the alternative explanations are likely.
Now a new study is underway to see if nuclear fission can be an alternative.
Unless you're rich enough to live off your investments, there is no alternative.
They were supposed to provide an alternative to traditional insurance.
Now, though, researchers may have found a safer alternative.
Our industry was accused of not putting enough effort into developing these alternative engines.
Such an aircraft would have a number of uses as a low-cost alternative to satellites.
Even the authors believed salmon would be an alternative prey, reserved for times when deer were scarce.
Alternative energy sources are becoming more common in private homes.
Skip using hydrogen peroxide on the countertops, and add it to your laundry as a bleach alternative.
One scientist has found an alternative source of energy: pig manure.
Although unlike methanol, ethanol is not highly poisonous to humans, its utility as an alternative fuel is strongly debated.
The pro-action argument is based on the standard scientific method that includes null and alternative hypotheses.
Proponents of the tidal turbine technology say it is a welcome, environmentally friendly alternative-energy option.
Maybe there is an alternative to batteries when it comes to storing energy and saving gas in cars after all.
Former skeptics develop an alternative hybrid system.
Entomologists struggle to find an alternative to the vanishing honeybee.
Such cookstoves enable smoke-free cooking and require less fuel, whether it is charcoal, wood or some other alternative.
Scientists have thus been investigating alternative treatment options.
The alternative therapy of colon cleansing typically does little good, and may cause significant harm.
Some scientists are beginning to think that imagining an alternative reality might have ironic and tonic effects.
And they drew a bounty of letters, laden with readers' prognostications, criticisms and alternative answers.
For years advocates have touted the use of biofuels as a clean-burning alternative to gasoline.
Alternative materials and designs will be needed for chips to continue to improve.
Government officials have proposed two alternative programs to combat the disease.
When he does rebel, he is given the alternative of submission, or eviction with entire loss of employment.
Opposites attract in this colorful alternative to green salad.
It's a wonderful alternative to traditional pan gravy.
His ingeniously designed menus offer alternative proteins.
It's cold, it's icy, it's sweet-the perfect alternative to heavy ice cream on a hot summer's day.
These are days when farm-belt politicians imagine that ethanol can actually be an alternative to foreign oil.
But local grids are ill-suited to distributing energy from the alternative sources of tomorrow.
The alternative is artificial production--if researchers could figure out how spiders produce silk.
His alternative not only eliminates dark matter, it strikes at the heart of modern physics.
Again and again, carefully controlled studies have shown alternative medicine to work no better than a placebo.
They're also more expensive and dangerous than the alternative.
And there are alternative roads to power and authority in this country.
Hydrogen is the ultimate have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too alternative fuel.
Newer, sophisticated alternative financial products are also commonly used.
The patient must be advised on alternative options, such as hospice care.
The company's goal is to get consumers to embrace bugs as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional meat.
Right now, you can click a box when a fake music video comes up and even suggest an alternative.
The films, however, have followed an alternative trajectory.
The government sets a premium price on solar and other alternative power sources.
The new technology could speed up the development of butanol biofuels into a cost-effective alternative to ethanol.
Most alternative approaches involve simply replacing the platinum in the electrodes.
In the longer term, alternative energies can be a big part of the solution.
Rising oil prices and the threat of global warming have rekindled the search for alternative sources of energy.
Two alternative programs to combat the disease have been proposed.
But not for the reason he offers, and not to make way for the alternative he recommends.
The credibility of any list is naturally weakened by the presence of an alternative list right next to it.
The only alternative was for me to take a good look at myself.
It also seeks to finance long-term investments in manufacturing, alternative energy, and education by raising taxes on the rich.
Americans began experimenting with incarceration as a humane alternative to corporal punishment in the late seventeenth century.
True, pirates were thieves and torturers, but there was something promising about their alternative to capitalism.
Yet the result is a refreshingly original, offbeat alternative to today's slick animated superproductions.
He's a voracious reader, the friend says, and has been pursuing his latest interest: alternative energy.
His desire was to have no dissenting or even alternative voices on his watch.
Two members of my family chased an idealized alternative to their life.
Some were seeking a reasonable alternative to modern life.
In the absence of alternative sources, the price of oil is liable to rise indefinitely.
The other similarity is that they have nothing to offer as an alternative.
Both charity and scholarly evidence support the former alternative.
The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new.
Hypnosis as an alternative to sedation is making a comeback in the operating room.
Millions of people around the world swear by the alternative medicine homeopathy.
But maybe you've had your fill of caring for a wood deck and find the alternative decking materials appealing.

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