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Alternately, the feet may have been another artifact of his genetic deformity.
Alternately thundering and whispering from the podium, he wove together biblical, historical and apocalyptic themes.
She does so with a light touch, which is alternately appealing and confusing.
But the water recedes quickly when the rains stop, so the land is alternately flooded and parched.
Or alternately you can continue existing in denial, living in a fantasy.
Change in time indicates innovation or alternately loss of value.
While keeping your arm extended, alternately open and close each eye.
Rats were trained using rewards to run alternately through two arms of a maze and on a wheel between each maze run.
Alternately, existing synapses can be strengthened to allow for increased sensitivity in the communication between two neurons.
The expressive and regenerative modes alternately interact to span and integrate events in space and time in this way.
Alternately the authors could be given the option of removing their own duplicates with a simple authentication routine.
Consider the famous illustration that alternately appears as a goblet or two profiled faces.
The structures are silos, with the weights sliding up and down alternately.
Another spot that has alternately appealing and appalling images of bug cuisine is here.
The hypothesis was that the birds flew great distances by alternately resting each hemisphere of their brain.
Alternately, they may decide that whale watching should not be done at all and that the whales should be left alone.
Alternately add powdered sugar and milk, beating to spreading consistency.
He began to alternately yell at and interrogate the driver.
The sun alternately shone and fled behind the clouds.
They see themselves, alternately, as lifesaving buffers or double-sided punching bags.
When it got cold, he turned it back on, alternately shivering and sweating until dawn.
In the duple, the bells and the clapper go alternately.
It should be a place that can alternately surprise and comfort, at any budget level.
The wicked scoundrel alternately consoled his animal and shrugged helplessly at the traffic jam.
The material, with water circulating around it, is alternately placed in and out of a magnetic field.
Alternately, some operations simply use long grappling hooks to grab the cable.
If these things happen or do not happen do they happen or not happen at the same time or alternately.
Many growers are left feeling alternately beleaguered and persecuted.
Its surface alternately bakes and freezes, due to its slow rotation.
Alternately, put the picture on top and type the data below it.
In any sequence of gears, successive gears turn alternately one way, then the other.
Alternately, it's possible that the human variation in intelligence is neutral in regards to selection.
Alternately, you can always get in touch with one of your favorite librarians to ask if it exists.
Everyone seemed sleep-deprived and alternately energized and exhausted.
The manuscript sits in the corner, alternately growling and sighing and whimpering.
It was alternately glorious and tedious, fulfilling and demoralizing.
Mix and sift flour and baking powder, and add alternately with milk to first mixture.
The two brothers mount it alternately on their return from the infernal regions.
Mix and sift flour and baking powder, add alternately with milk to first mixture.
Most of his sonnets consisted of three quatrains, each alternately rimed, with a riming couplet.
There are two divisions which perform duty alternately-the starboard watch and the port watch.
Beat well, and add flour mixed and sifted with baking powder alternately with milk.
Devotions and labour or business must be alternately called in, so that the devil may always find our mind taken up.
Fill sections of a fancy mould alternately with green and red jelly.
It is written in four-lined stanzas, alternately rimed.
Around the rest of the table come bridesmaids and ushers alternately.
Alternately profound and fanciful speculation determines the direction of pharmacologic inquiry.
He has been alternately praised and decried as a cruel portraitist, but he can never be accused of showing mercy to himself.
The boys were alternately shouted at and treated sympathetically in order to get them to confess.
Bags were alternately placed on their heads and taken off again.
Bird has become increasingly brilliant at realizing his alternately hilarious and striking visions.
As he describes how to create realistic facial hair, he alternately strokes and jabs at the eyebrows on the artificial face.
Alternately, you can have one side of the molecule moving in one direction and the other side pushing in the opposite one.
The words, alternately self-loathing and self-exculpating, were incongruously set to one of his loveliest melodies.
Alternately tough-talking and professional, the district attorney is about forty.
The pills made her alternately moody and lethargic, but they no longer relieved her stress, as they had for years.
Alternately, select any of the following links to retrieve the full text of the transcripts.
There are only two times a vehicle does not have to stop for a school bus displaying two alternately flashing red lights.
The family that works alternately survives permanently.
The architecture enhances the exhibits, which are alternately provocative and heart-stopping.
She felt hot and cold, alternately bathed in sweat and shaking with chills.
It shouldn't be surprising that research on consciousness is alternately exhilarating and disturbing.
Hearers alternately wonder if there is some merit to the rumor, or if the target of the rumor has something to hide.

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