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We humans have changed that to a limited extent, but it does not seem to have altered the stronger link to solar activity.
Memories were made or altered, he proposed, when structures near the synapse changed.
The industry maintains that foods produced from genetically altered crops are harmless.
It might be altered before it is formally put before the trustees.
The cats are not transgenic animals-their genes have not been altered to make them less of an allergy risk.
Neurologists say perceptions can be altered by rewiring the neural networks in the brain.
Its altered state, though, keeps it in the here and now.
Ellison altered the grade by cutting and filling in places to create horizontal terraces and extend gardening space.
But humans weren't the only creatures whose fortunes were forever altered.
When energy regimes converge with communications revolutions, human consciousness is altered.
No part of the ancient script was altered or damaged during this process.
Altered trade routes could disrupt native ecosystems.
With this camera familiar objects and landscapes are altered in a way that even a photographer can't predict.
He also altered the flat ceilings by adding a gentle pitch to the roof over the original beams.
Here is a sampling of some of the more famous altered photographs from the last century.
So, this is a sign that the environment is filled with toxins and altered climates.
See how its diversions, dams, and drought have altered river flow and threaten to change the lives of millions of people.
The altered strain was rendered avirulent, because the immune system was able to eliminate the exposed pathogens.
The donated trophies will be altered so that the figures perform everyday tasks.
It will include an exclusive version of the legendary action game with altered graphics.
In fact, the nature of migration has altered in ways that encourage ambivalence.
The high mountains altered air circulation and weather patterns, contributing to the drier and cooler climate.
Bald eagles, which feed on fish, altered their food habits.
Shin has since altered them to depict ordinary people at work.
Every menu, button name, and function can be altered.
It altered the economics of shipping and with that the flow of world trade.
The researchers say these are areas where water flowing through the fractures has altered the appearance of rock.
Within a week, the scientists found, the altered fish could match their normal counterparts in speed and agility.
Also, some of the grains showed signs of having been chemically altered.
While there is no health hazard attached to chlorophenol, the taste of the wine can be altered.
These properties remain the same when others are altered.
Human activities have already altered much of this region.
Culprits that could have altered the climate and oceans in a deadly way include sustained volcanism and continental drift.
Songs are reshaped with altered lyrics and fresh solos.
The changes weren't huge, but each of them subtly altered the flow of conversation.
It altered the time path, rather than the level, of outlays.
Bees could be trained, through altered feeding habits, to swarm a vehicle packed with dynamite.
So her designs were altered by what made them more fluid, more easy to move with the body, those kinds of things.
The position of these mirrors can be altered millions of times per second.
Campus officials say they have restored all of the altered grades.
Much of this region has been significantly altered by cattle, sheep, and goat grazing and farming.
But few studies have definitively linked oxidative damage to altered cellular function.
If your clothes don't fit, get them altered or buy some new ones.
The range and extensiveness of feeling has also been significantly altered.
Many were altered or destroyed over the last three centuries by farming and construction projects.
The ultimate cause of the altered levels of autoantibody in anorexics and bulimics is unresolved as yet.
Wild pigs and feral goats and cats have also altered the landscape.
Cicada broods have altered their cycles in the past, though it's unclear exactly why.
Finally, the antibiotic target site within the bacteria can be altered.
Make sure you have copies of things that are returned to the student, so they cannot be altered.
The photos have not been manipulated or digitally altered in any way.
Your subsequent posts altered that early presumption.
The rising number of car models, for instance, has altered the economics of locating car plants.
They should recognize that the sharks have altered the behavior of the bottlenose dolphins.
If you've had a brain injury, what happens is the metabolism of the brain has been significantly altered.
Make sure that if the student has those, then you need to get a copy of them to make sure that nothing was altered.
Mice with altered immune systems developed metabolic disorders and were prone to overeating.
Corporate and fractional jets use small airports where check-in takes minutes and take-off times can be altered to suit.
One reason is that content is often altered to fit local tastes.
Gamow always got the physics right, even if some of the constants were altered.
The goats were altered with spider genes so that they could produce silk proteins in their milk.
Do hormone levels return or stay at their altered state.
It's not unusual for writers to feel that being in an altered state of some kind helps them as writers.
One is that climate change has altered the oxygen levels in parts of the ocean.
Horses soon dramatically altered the state of war, with warriors adopting the animals as a vehicle for sudden attacks and raids.
The interior design of branches was altered from state-era stodginess to a more relaxed free-market style.
The thorax is frequently found to be altered in shape in certain diseases.
The thicket about me became altered to my imagination.
Looking at that book forever altered the course of my life.
The original plot has not been altered much, though perhaps it should have been.
Pictures of the altered bomb casing began circulating among atomic researchers.
It has dramatically altered the course of human history, even contributing to the decline of civilizations.
Genes can also be altered to produce a new strain of anthrax, against which no one has protection.
In the past ten years this picture has altered radically.
But that change in his own hand would have altered all the hands.
These innovations drastically altered the scale and tone of city life.
Several events pointed to an altered political climate.
To quiet the expressway's opponents the plans for the new road were altered.
In the process, the signal is put back together, but with its phase altered.
The bovine cells were genetically altered to express a fluorescent marker, making them easily detectable.
But imagine a significantly altered market mechanism for electronic goods.
Newspapers and magazines, instead of shying away from altered images, will use them more freely.
He felt that his team had already altered the blood flow of the brain beyond the point of no return.
From my observations that part of the dome in not strongly altered, although the fumarole field below it is heavily altered.
The laws of nature do not prevent us, for they have not altered in the last six centuries.
He suppressed or altered several major studies on global warming in order to protect the interests of his former clients.
To order a new trial, a higher court would have to find that the judge altered the outcome of the case.
But this may not work if the file is altered, such as by cropping or overlaying text.
What has not been altered is the scope of the employment crisis.
What's more, the arguments made on each side do not seem to have been altered by the financial crisis.
From the alphabet to clocks and printing, every major new technology has profoundly altered the way in which humans think.
Indeed, since researchers started employing genetically altered animals this way, that number has been creeping back up.
There may also be a reluctance to admit that such a gushing provision of liquidity has altered the policy stance.
Three things have now altered that pattern, probably for good.
Increased supply and decreased consumption have radically altered the outlook for imports.
When employees leave the company or their roles change, their access privileges must be revoked or altered immediately.
Procedures that aren't codified can be altered relatively easily by a highly committed, unified minority.
If they don't, then it means that the exchange rate of the goods themselves becomes altered.
If memory serves, a virus was altered and then injected into muscle tissue.
These stars altered the dynamics of the cosmos by heating and ionizing the surrounding gases.
Not only that, the genetically altered mouse pups had different ultrasonic vocalizations than did garden variety mice.
Altered weather patterns bring drought to some areas, flooding to others and a higher likelihood of water contamination to both.
In this way past memories can become slightly altered to represent new memories.
The genetic diversity of those crops has altered and is much reduced.
Humans have altered bee housing allowing pests to spread easily.
Certain essential fatty acids may also be altered by heating.
When your brain wave frequency is lower than during regular waking activity, the chemicals produced within your brain are altered.
The researchers found that the more creative the participant, the more activity in their default brain network was altered.
Scientists have developed a method to uncover old tattoos that have been altered or surgically removed.
Supposedly your brain's electric signals alter in frequency to match this beat, and altered signals mean altered consciousness.
But some quick digging by construction crews altered the course of the water.
If any one gene is altered by a mutation, the enzyme for which it's responsible may be defective or absent.
But if these proteins themselves get altered, the repair work can get shoddy.
The neurons in the brains of the dogs altered their connections.
Maybe the injections will be spread out more, or maybe not as many altered immune cells are required.
So perhaps only the rockets, their payloads, and their exhaust gases have been altered.
Perhaps the memories become unstable for a much shorter time, rapidly solidifying before they can be altered.
There's a ton of other examples of a duplicated copy of a gene being altered to have a new function.
Photos that have been digitally or manually altered in any way will not be considered for publication.
But none of these screeds seem to have altered the political debate.
In fact, there's a lot of evidence that all memories can be altered.

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