altercation in a sentence

Example sentences for altercation

When we were little, my younger brother went to the emergency room because of an altercation with a coffee table.
And never be alone with this person because then any altercation becomes your word against his.
Given last year's violence, the altercation was not surprising.
Authorities did not release details on the altercation.
Miller sustained some serious damage to his front teeth and was cut and bruised from the altercation.
It was the fourth time in four years that he had been charged because of an altercation outside the boxing ring.
Other players stepped in to break up the brief altercation.
The altercation lasted for several minutes before being broken up by teammates and coaches.
The verbal altercation escalated enough that they had to be separated.
During the dance, there was an altercation between two groups.
It is possible that pollen was transferred in this altercation.
Imagining the din to be a domestic altercation, she hadn't called the police.
During a sidewalk altercation, using ty is immediately perceived as a violent act of aggression.
As the altercation escalated in intensity, members of the bicyclist's party intervened and restrained their friend.
There are no suspects and detectives are in the process of trying to determine what led to the initial altercation.
Perdue's lawsuit was based on a physical altercation with a white co-worker.
While the individuals inside the residence were negotiating the price of the marijuana transaction, a physical altercation ensued.
During the altercation, word spread of the incident to individuals outside of the club.
The investigation revealed two victims were in the parking lot when they became involved in an altercation with two suspects.
The relative was stabbed during an altercation with a friend with whom he had been deer hunting.
The three children were present during the altercation however were not injured.
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