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The sarcophagus had long been believed buried beneath the church's main altar.
With talk of super conferences on the table again, nobody wants to be left at the altar.
When the devil gets into the church, he seats himself on the altar.
His body lies buried beneath the altar steps of the church.
So the best people, whatever their gender or race, are sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism.
Governments worship at the altar of innovation for good reason: it now accounts for more than half of economic growth.
The scientists who worship at the altar of science are doing a fine job of destroying our world.
Shades of a cobalt blue fresco can be found above the stepped altar.
Then it was sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.
These were destined for the altar of a magnificent stone abbey the settlers planned to build.
Instead the elephant is terrified by a mouse it sees while walking up to the altar.
Plus high school culture worships at the altar of mediocrity.
It's another case of ignoring even the priests because they're not standing on the right altar.
As doubts about whether countries would get to the altar faded, so yields in government-bond markets converged.
They will pray and place their handwritten ballots in a chalice atop an altar.
Cool-looking cakes were left at the altar for the deities.
Clients are encouraged to bring personal items, such as photographs, to keep with them or place on an altar.
Oracles usually meet patients in their houses, bringing them to an altar in the kitchen.
As part of the project, the sanctuary would be enlarged, the altar moved.
Sometimes unconventional elements make their way to the altar as well.
Nuns sang unseen beyond the altar and people flocked to hear their hidden choirs.
He put candles at the altar and invited anyone who was grieving to come up during one of the carols and light a candle in memory.
If our work is worship, almost all of it is at a secular altar.
The altar was decorated with palms and lilies and bright carnations.
Lawyers are prickly, and merger partners often fall out on the way to the altar.
Peek in at the fresco above the main altar memorializing the event.
Inside were a simple altar and portraits of saints painted on the walls.
Candle butts and an empty bottle rested in an altar niche carved in a boulder.
Regan doesn't understand why she wasn't the first to the altar.
When online outreach is undervalued by our colleagues and administration, it is often sacrificed at the altar of status quo.
His team found a wall painting-which depicts a deer caught in a net-after discovering a staircase leading up to a hidden altar.
Local villagers have left offerings of flowers, rice cakes, and locks of hair at his altar.
It was a source of hilarity for him and the other altar boys, and when the priests scolded them, it only added to the fun.
Both the measurer and the yardstick are liable to be sacrificed on the altar of public ridicule.
Members of the local government and descendants of the sage took turns at an altar in his honor.
We are intended to admire this self-knowledge, because it gets the speaker off compulsive affairs and up to the altar.
No more than a foot wide and eighteen inches long, the stand had a sacred air, as if it belonged on an altar.
We should recognize these things a public wealth and not to be sacrificed at the altar of economy and cost cutting.
Your friend even to the horns of the altar-ie through thick and thin.
She commonly chose to pray before the altar of the cross.
He had taken a group of altar boys to his cabin, and one had to share a bed with him.
Another hangs at the other end of the sanctuary, behind the altar.
Kate wore a train so she could practice her walk down the aisle to the altar.
All of us, though, worship at the altar of bright and shiny things.
It's complex finding someone and getting that relationship to the altar and beyond.
And he set up an altar call for his audience, letting them know exactly what they could do as well to stand up to the powerful.
The big studios have sneered at his movies, but the rising media mogul is laughing all the way to the altar and the bank.
There is a dome over the chancel and altar which is located in the southeast octagonal end.

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