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Example sentences for alphabetical

Each chapter is introduced by a map and a geographical profile, followed by the parks in alphabetical order.
It lists them according to the intensity of the electronic relationship rather than in alphabetical order.
The letters line up on the right-hand side of the screen in alphabetical order, top to bottom.
After fumbling along the boggy paths of alphabetical order to find the word, children face yet another mire.
The app lists the theorems in alphabetical order, or you can search for particular ones.
The full list follows the gallery, which shows the cities in alphabetical order.
We lined up in alphabetical order by our last names.
They are in alphabetical order and are seniors unless noted.
Entertainment companies are listed in alphabetical order, with no description.
Some sixty short texts are laid out according to the alphabetical order of their headings.
There are also close to a hundred other names in alphabetical order, in roman capitals.
The bar recommendations are all in alphabetical order.
Searching for shows often means ploughing through ever-growing alphabetical lists or clicking around a grid of letters.
The odds were against our even detecting the plagiarism, since each committee member read an alphabetical subset of applications.
Alphabetical nursery rhymes are always popular with mothers because they are considered semi-instructive.
Comparisons to the previous alphabetical vitamin pantheon flameouts are invalid and should never enter the discussion.
The list is alphabetical so you can search by name and see if your favorite places are included.
The smaller the dictionary, the larger the alphabetical gap between word and replacement.
These maps often have grids and alphabetical street listings to help.
Browse our alphabetical listing of health-related organizations.
Click on the letter of the runner's last name and you'll reach an alphabetical listing.

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