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To practice the alphabet and vocabulary, you can ask them to think of words that start with specific letters.
It comes with a stylus for tapping on the screen and writing notes in the modified alphabet that the device requires you to use.
His code used short and long pulses of electric current to represent letters of the alphabet.
Addresses starting with letters at the beginning of the alphabet get more spam.
Printing could only thrive in a culture with a less sophisticated writing system-an alphabet.
At the time they were inscribed, the alphabet was so novel that the authors struggled to shape their letters.
The story of a rabbit's exhausting efforts to paint a picture presents the letters of the alphabet.
When Pranav was 4-and-a-half, his parents noticed he seemed unusually intelligent while playing with alphabet sets.
The tools of technology can seem like a confusing alphabet-soup.
He'll devise a tactile alphabet for the blind.
Send a secret code that involves scrambling letters in the alphabet.
This alphabet book follows babies through a busy day.
Japanese is spelled out in alphabet and then converted to characters on the screen, as is chinese.
Coco learns the alphabet and numbers.
The book features an alphabet's worth of food items for young readers.
This animal tale introduces counting and the alphabet.
Alliteration and manga-style art introduce the alphabet.
The costs of alphabet soup degrees have in large measure been excluded from bankruptcy protections.
You'd have to know something about language and alphabet and communication.
It's tough suddenly changing from one alphabet to another.
From the alphabet to clocks and printing, every major new technology has profoundly altered the way in which humans think.
The ever-inventive financial sector has taken the ingredients and cooked up a bewildering alphabet soup.
The alphabet may have made his literary career possible.
The rock face onscreen is covered with hoops, each labeled with a letter of the alphabet.
He has her base whole days on a single letter of the alphabet.
Instead of raised alphabet keys, you get virtual keys on the screen.
To search for a decision by topic, click on the alphabet letter below for all the topics beginning with that letter.
Health care lingo can be an alphabet soup of terminology.

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