alpha in a sentence

Example sentences for alpha

First of all, magnanimity is an alpha behavior, a sign of strength.
There were no alpha coefficients, there were no discrimination indices.
Where beta represented arousal, alpha represents non-arousal.
Wolf packs are supposedly despotic hierarchies dominated by alpha wolves.
Comparable alpha females are wives and homemakers with successful marriages.
Also called an alpha predator or top predator aquatic: adjective: having to do with water.
Alpha males maintain these herds, and mate with the group's dominant hen.
We already had a lurcher that she has now got used to but is definitely the alpha over her.
Perhaps it starts because they are alpha and due to their size, start feeling intimidated.
Except in this case, the eco-alpha dogs are off the leash.
She may respond to a request to play but always needs to be the alpha.
Residual risk, also known as alpha, is what is left after you take out all the other shared risk exposures.
Showing that the market is not the alpha and omega of government thinking is prudent.
With a hydrogen alpha solar telescope, you can observe prominences and filaments in the chromosphere.
Alpha-blockers are drugs that relax smooth muscles and improve urine flow.
Alpha-adrenergic antagonists, commonly called alpha-blockers, were originally used to treat high blood pressure.
Alpha-amylase, a key protein in saliva, would be effective at disintegrating carbohydrate clogs.
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