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Do you think cats are aloof? If so, you're in good company.
The idea of going to a place and staying aloof of the people is a mistake.
To the Greeks the gods seemed equally close and equally aloof.
His avuncular manner and unpredictable chuckle made him the antithesis of an aloof scientist.
He remained aloof from the abstract movement of his time, and thus won readily the respect of the French academicians.
Abu Dhabi has sought to portray itself as above this kind of thing: elegant, restrained and a little bit aloof.
In what might be termed the "official" dogma, the gods were usually aloof and impersonal.
Deaths occur with barely a mention of grieving or self-doubt by the survivors, and the narrator remains too aloof from the action.
They seemed aloof and regal, like pukka sahibs atop an elephant.
That humility made her approachable rather than aloof .
More mysterious was his aloof management style within his own team.
Laughter spreads through the room, and even a chuckle can be heard from the usually aloof king.
She appeared aloof and sometimes refused to shake hands with admirers.
She found them aloof and difficult to contact, however, because none of them posted office hours.
In other words, the rich can afford to be relatively aloof in their conversational exchanges.
It is by turns aloof and affectionate, serene and savage, endearing and exasperating.
However aloof they may seem, they're not indifferent.
So sheltered, these later villages seem to stand outside of time, aloof to the present.
Apart from a propensity to pounce on prey, cats' aloof elegance has long made them the choice for animal companionship.
He was friendly but aloof, a thoughtful fellow toiling in the shade of mystique.
We dare not keep aloof and close ourselves while a nation comes into maturity.
Too often universities are viewed by the public as aloof and disconnected from the communities in which they are located.
They are cool and aloof and watch her until she grows nervous and starts chattering wildly.
The model became pretty, rather than austerely aloof.
The expression in his eyes was baleful, aloof, and slightly suspicious.
His aloof, innovative approach to the simple story says as much as the plot itself in which two cousins symbolize polar opposites.
For years science has maintained a rather aloof stance toward domestic animals in general, and toward dogs in particular.
The military could abandon its posture of aloof neutrality, and side with the government.
There is something aloof within us that will not be divided or communicated.
On the page, certainly, he remains appealing but puzzlingly aloof-all the more puzzling for the intimacy of his subject matter.
In private life, although he made some friends, he was basically aloof and self-contained.
And: it is not perhaps wrong for a genius to be aloof and bereaved.
The mental and moral sciences could continue to hold themselves aloof from the natural sciences.
He held himself aloof from his chattels, though providing occasional prizes or holidays for good work.
Contemporaries often found him aloof, standoffish, and cantankerous and his mannerisms and diction inscrutable.
The noble gases such as helium remain aloof and unreactive, while the alkali metals can be expected to be silvery and reactive.
The supreme leader is supposed to stay aloof from the cut and thrust of mundane politics.
First, the protesters have a point when they say that the political and media establishment has become aloof and self-serving.
The latter seems to be warm and friendly, but aloof and lacking any poise.
In other words, there's a discrepancy between the campaign's rhetoric and the president's comparatively aloof, cerebral style.
He is now aloof, detached, and pathetically arrogant.
He held himself aloof from womankind, dwelling constantly on the recollection of his sad mischance.
Her family think her absent-minded, distrait, aloof and generally useless.
The school playground holds aloof yet from the neighborhood except in the long vacation.
And actors have to be aloof and mysterious and artistic and all that.
Some people had this view of you as being aloof and not friendly on the show.
However challenging, poetry need not be cold or aloof.
There he managed to stay aloof from the political turmoil that soon overwhelmed the country.
Feathers fluffed to conserve energy, one foot tucked up into its dark belly feathers, the hawk appears aloof to its surroundings.
Still others wanted to remain politically aloof from the wars and quarrels of the larger world.
We cannot be aloof and disengaged from those interactions.
He was a loner, acted aloof, and quickly became the brunt of practical jokes.
Ignored, she swam over to another drake, but he too remained woodenly aloof.
He is not the cliché of the burned-out rock star or the aloof jet-setter.

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