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To be ill and alone requires far more advanced planning than is required of those who live with their families.
Technology is taking away our privacy and our concentration, but it is also taking away our ability to be alone.
They may be tempted to go it alone and pump even more oil in order to keep prices in check before a rise in seasonal demand.
What happens afterwards is your business and yours alone.
If the aroma of sweet loaves baking in a warm kitchen during the holidays stirs happy memories, you aren't alone.
Nor, if the expansion stumbles, can they prop it up alone.
Tigers live alone and aggressively scent-mark large territories to keep their rivals away.
We're not going to have any search for scapegoats the final responsibilities of any failure are mine, and mine alone.
Hunt suspected that humans alone could not destroy the forests this quickly.
When the seasonal bounty is this gorgeous, it's best to leave well enough alone.
Summer evenings alone at home led me to comical creative outlets.
He alone knew where his research was going, and he was so focused.
But a peace maintained by deterrence alone is a frail thing.
Studies show that dog owners can pick their pooch out of a lineup by smell alone.
Working alone or in a group, orcas create waves that dislodge a floe, break it up and wash the stranded prey into open water.
Target is not alone among the large retailers in moving the big shopping day forward.
Males emus and rheas essentially raise their hatchlings alone.
Any teacher can tell you that smarts alone do not a good student make.
Their future clearly hinged on people's willingness to leave them alone if they weren't doing any harm.
All are superb in containers, either alone or in combination with other plants.
They have a difficult time psychologically coping with the experience of being completely alone.
It is normal for a dog or pack-oriented animal to feel anxious or panicky when left alone.
And when the researchers looked at patterns of drinking, macaques that lived alone tended to drink the most.
There have been previous hints, however, that the chloroplasts in the slug don't run on stored-up supplies alone.
Leave the seal alone and wait until it ventures into the water.
Imagine being alone on the ocean for five or ten weeks, sailing in snow, ice and spray cruel as needles.
Circular flowers arise either alone or in clusters from a foliage rosette.
Giant otters hunt alone or in groups, sometimes using coordinated efforts.
The walk to and from school can't be uphill both ways, but going it alone might make it seem that way.
Grover still makes me laugh and the theme song alone is iconic.
If you're at a movie theater, look around for someone sitting alone and wearing a white hat.
Scientists rarely read such old-let alone ancient-scientific texts.
Then the police said it was too dangerous to walk around the neighborhood alone toting expensive camera gear.
These types are worth growing for their ornamental value alone.
Still others tilt alone into space, as if accommodating their compatriots, obligingly sharing the cave's ceiling.
Use horticultural oil either alone or mixed with lime sulfur or fixed copper.
If someone plunks a random piano key, a tiny minority of people can identify the note based on its sound alone.
Blooms are unscented, but more than worth it for color and form alone.
The scent alone makes tuberoses worth the extra effort.
If you're tempted to visit, though, better not come alone.
The herb section alone looks to be the length of a city block.
Well-being shouldn't be measured by time-spans alone.
Games, she says, are increasingly played with others rather than alone.
Measuring poverty by income alone may distort the picture.
His is a profession in which success should depend on talent alone.
Alone among living creatures, human beings have no tolerance for the inexplicable.
In every member-state, there are people who believe their country can survive alone in the globalised world.
They found that the birds' neurons reacted far more strongly to the duet than when they sang their parts alone.
Whether the shooter was acting alone or as part of a bigger conspiracy may never be known.
But a partner alone cannot provide enough support for the difficult mission.
Severe mental illness alone is not generally enough to cause violent behavior.
Yet modern readers barely have time to read their e-mail, let alone tackle a million word masterpiece.
It's the only computer people are interested in buying because of its design alone.
The construction alone will pump several billion dollars into the local economy.
Ants that work cooperatively can handle bigger seeds, while ants that tend to work alone bury smaller seeds.
The spots alone do not cause so-called space weather, but they are related to solar storms.
No plan to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions can succeed through increases in energy efficiency alone.
Even though many nets are now equipped with devices to release the dolphins, the stress of capture alone may cause injury.
Up to the year my stepfather died, he never left me alone about my weight, all through my adolescence and adulthood.
We're going to leave the bees alone for awhile to give her a chance to do that.
Red yucca is left alone as well and is blooms beautifully if it will grow where you are.
But now that more diners are steering clear of red meat, you might not want to offer beef alone.
Neal is far from alone in his commitment to the lifestyle.
Superb alone, but also fabulous over the top of boiled new potatoes.
And, as you can see here, those clusters also have sufficient charm to stand alone.
Join the group for a discussion about the artwork on display, then grab some alone time to sketch whatever inspires you.
Living alone in the wilderness far away from civilization had long been a dream of mine.
Even when you think you are alone, you have company.
Over time it's become clear to me that my photographs alone can't convey the human reality of the pandemic.
For decades, scientists and governments have said it was best to leave these shipwrecks alone.
Their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant.
But experts caution that technology alone may not be enough to avert another disaster.
Have students visit a bookstore or sporting goods store and find maps in books or stand-alone maps available for purchase.
The rapidly shifting landscape makes it tough to keep up with change and innovation, let alone stay ahead of the curve.
Judging those who are disadvantaged by the content of their character is not, taken alone, much of a solution.
My undergraduate syllabi are prepared well in advance, down to the days the exams will be returned, let alone given.
In other words, unionization won't affect the graduate students alone.
You're next asked to create either a one-time request, or a stand-alone form.
Adjunct work does not pay enough eat, let alone live decently.
Most people would never admit to being unable to judge what is or is not essential, even to themselves, let alone to others.
Nevertheless, for trips beyond our nearest neighbor in space, chemical rockets alone leave much to be desired.
But humans alone extend altruism beyond kin, frequently helping perfect strangers for no obvious personal gain.
The new study found that in mice with cancer, fasting prior to chemotherapy often led to more tumor shrinkage than chemo alone.
By and large, it has not made singular discoveries--achievements that are its and its alone.
The researchers also had a control plot, which received some manure but was otherwise left alone.
Others try all kinds of strategies to leave the tempting treat alone.
Children travel alone for many reasons, from parental visitation to summer vacations with their grandparents.
Dining alone on the road always comes with a series of choices, even after you've settled on a restaurant.
Traveling in a group can be more fun and less expensive than traveling alone.
Many countries serve up foods that people from other areas may not consider edible, let alone to be gastronomical delights.
You'll want to mix up a pitcher of this bubbly drink for its gorgeous ruby hue alone.
The words alone are enough to evoke thoughts of hours upon hours of flour flinging for a single bowl of everyone's favorite carb.
For us, though, a meal here is more enriching than food alone can be.
But easy recipes alone were not going to banish guilt and self-loathing.
He was eating alone and giving thoughtful attention to the food.
Remove the earbuds, unless you are alone with slow, peaceful music.
Many of them simply wanted to be left alone to make what they could of a difficult situation.
The quicker she accepts it as hers and hers alone, the quicker will society respect motherhood.
On the other hand it is asked how poems of such length could have been handed down from age to age by means of the memory alone.
Yes, and it should be eaten alone, for it is the only food which one really wants to hear oneself eat.
Westerners prefer a quiet bedroom, sleeping alone or with a partner.
The difference between one personality and another is not determined by genes alone.
He stood alone for two days, until neighbors heard his muffled moaning.
The trio is bound to one another, and none of them can survive alone.
No single measurement can ever be taken alone to convey any meaning about the state of reality.
Smell must be triggered, he concluded, by some criteria other than an odorant's shape alone.
CK seems destined to be alone, and seemed that way even when he was still married.
Show monkey wandering around, injured, lost and alone.
We work alone, and come up with ten new ideas a week, hundreds a year.
His aphorisms alone are worth the price of admission.
It's as if the filmmakers believed that her voice alone caused a revolution.
His writing was his and his alone, and his way of life was only what he chose to follow.
The process may be intimate and collaborative, but the pictures are hers alone.
The question, however, is whether these tools alone are enough.
For that reason alone, financial sponsors are a useful subset of capital providers, because they work their magic in private.
For himself, he declared that he could not get enough alone to write a letter to a friend.
Nicotine alone, however, is hardly a reason to worry.
Her task was especially challenging, since she was selling alone.
He couldn't eat breakfast when his sister was present, and now he can't stand eating breakfast alone.
The unrecognized genius who dies alone in a garret is largely a myth.
So that in the name of scholarship and intellectual freedom alone, the question should be brought to light and examined.
To go on the trip at all, let alone to complete it, obviously required an extraordinary measure of dedication.
Perhaps abstraction as such leaves him cold and so he leaves it alone, which is certainly his right as a reader.
The fissures can't even be leaped, let alone welded.
But there are simple warning signs that living alone is not the best option.
Especially if he had a club of wood in his hand--if you were old and alone, and if he wanted your money.
On television alone, the scenes were witnessed that day by an estimated two billion people-a third of the human race.
Dots were better and tastier because they lived alone.
He's an environmentalist, but that term alone doesn't relate his vision for business.
But excellent design alone can't make a salon great.
To me, at age four or five, it seemed as large and dark and legit as any stand-alone cinema.
Cutting out coffee and dairy alone gave me more energy.
Being alone and being far away from home for a couple of months is not the easiest thing.
Despite the way it feels, loneliness often has nothing to do with being alone.
The pictures alone on this foodie's wiki-paradise are enough to make you want to strap on your apron and start sautéing.
For example, the device could be used to alert emergency services to problems suffered by elderly cardiac patients who live alone.
The composites conduct electricity and can withstand much higher temperatures than the polymers alone.
The modified bacteria proved more effective than the purified protein alone at preventing and treating colitis in mice.
Ford isn't alone in trying to revamp the internal combustion engine with electromechanical components.
After all, it's difficult to focus on something held too close to your nose, let alone something projected directly on your eye.
But these strategies alone rarely close the finance gap.
In early clinical trials, it was shown to improve patient survival one month after treatment better than dialysis alone.
Prototype circuits made with the material operate at one-third the voltage of those made with the polymer alone.
These new computers will eventually make a stand-alone desktop system look as anachronistic as the vacuum tube.
If you've spotted the flaw in this argument, you're not alone.
Though the app itself is free, the app alone is useless.
But, according to many physicians and researchers, such tests alone won't be much help.
But in the laboratory alone, they aren't much use to humanity.

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