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Local pastors say inducement could be taken to mean anything, including giving alms to the poor.
Each was given an alms bowl with which to beg meals from the local community-their only permitted means of obtaining food.
Here they deliver the alms and prayers they have collected during their treks to the saint's precinct.
Most of the poorest villagers seem to get alms of some sort.
Alms would be distributed, but they would be coins rather than notes.
In the stalled traffic, amputees and wasted little children cried for alms.
In many districts the mosque is the seat of the new local council, receiving alms to subsidise its activities.
It is better to misplace our charity on nine unworthy persons than to deny alms to one that is really in need.
His parents were persons distinguished for their virtue and alms-deeds.
He seemed to regard whatever he possessed as the patrimony of the poor, and his alms seemed to exceed all bounds.
She employed almost her whole revenue in alms, and served the poor with her own hands.
His steward often found it difficult to provide for his family by reason of his great alms, and used to threaten to leave him.
His alms to the poor on that occasion seemed boundless, though they were always exceedingly great.
In his sermons and letters, he frequently enforces the obligation of alms-deeds.
Shops were closed all day and alms were given to the poor.

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