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The result is that almost two-thirds of the university's total tuition revenue comes from one-third of its students.
Climbing roses are almost as popular as their shrubby counterparts, and they likewise need regular water and fertilizer to thrive.
Nature has no lines, whereas drawing almost always contains lines.
The second observation point rests in almost the exact same position due east of the towers.
Strolling through one is almost as calming as meditation.
The deeper cause was that it was built almost entirely on debt.
The result is a sheltered but almost seamless house that resembles an airy garden pavilion.
The family got together almost only during the summer holidays.
Ten resolutions could globally ensure a basic human right at almost unnoticeable cost.
Females almost never leave their tightly knit matriarchal families.
Yet last week's statistics were accompanied only by a low-key press release and almost no media coverage.
The coastline of the continents was changed drastically and almost all life on land was exterminated.
Go to the dinosaur hall of almost any major natural history museum, and you are likely to find the same creatures.
Crisp-fried chicken tacos have been the party entrée of choice here for almost a decade.
Curing almost all malaria cases can be worse than curing none.
If the ad calls for a sociology instructor, the committee is almost certainly looking for someone with a degree in sociology.
Add to this the almost vertical body, with tail extended in line, and glorious blue legs and feet.
All that has changed, of course, the term of copyright now being statistically almost indistinguishable from a perpetual grant.
As he watched bits of paper dancing with the effect of friction, he almost discovered electricity.
Although some volcanoes are considered extinct, almost any volcano is capable of rumbling to life again.
Students almost invariably give each other perfect marks, defeating the purpose of the exercise.
But almost all listed companies are still controlled by the state.
And for almost as long, farmers, municipalities and conservationists have tussled over who has the right to use it.
Anyway, they can see all of the results of their exam by coming to my office hours, but almost no one chooses to do this.
That's almost always a good guess about how you're going to feel in the future.
First, branches spread out in almost equal threes, creating weak crotches that are likely to split.
The committee reviewed my case the following academic year, although its composition had remained almost identical.
The state almost everywhere is big, inefficient and broke.
Others are so hot that almost nothing can live there.
For almost a century, those particulars have kept coming, and the desire for them seems unabated.
Plants bloom almost continually during mild weather.
The devices are, after all, in almost every student's pocket.
The ensuing public outcry would almost certainly result in the law being rewritten in favour of scientific advancement.
But then he became sort of an icon, and his job on the pile was almost as important as a therapy dog as it was as a search dog.
He had been in and out of hospitals for almost two years.
Scientists are almost certain that the tremors are not earthquakes.
Astronauts have to be prepared for almost everything in space, but also anything on the ground.
It's almost as if you were invited to some kind of extraordinary dinner party to meet these individuals.
It would be almost impossible to inject genes directly into all these sites.
Burgers are the perfect solution for casual entertaining: easy, quick to cook, and beloved by almost everyone.
The rusted boiler rests opposite the paddle wheels, almost aligned with the bottles.
Blooms almost year-round, bearing lavender-blue flower spikes at branch ends.
Other times the flounder turns an almost see-through color to avoid its own predators when swimming near the water's surface.
Commercial apiaries are located in mild-winter areas, where they can raise bees almost year-round.
It's almost a joke the way so many trees here are billed as the widest, the tallest, or the oldest.
Almost all of the mountains exhibit ridges parallel to their margins.
The inhabitants of paved cities are almost entirely exempt from attacks of malaria.
It's a grand gesture that lets you know spring is almost here and the cycle of life has started all over again.
In the realm of research, finding out what you don't know is almost as important as knowing what you do.
Almost all stars shine as a result of the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium.
The room widens almost imperceptibly, then narrows again as the adobe walls converge on either side of the altar.
The truth is, though, garden sorrel is almost ridiculously easy to grow.
Keep up with weeding, which should be almost nil once plants fill in.
Once rosemary is established, occasional deep watering is almost all it needs.
Toss it into almost any dish to add a refreshingly crisp texture and creamy-sweet flavor.
Almost no one supports the idea of abandoning the online system.
In fact, almost half said they preferred part-time work, some because they said it fit with the demands of their family life.
It is patently clear to almost everyone that the term of copyright is now senselessly long.
When sailing a straight line, keep sail almost entirely hauled in for maximum speed.
He is on precisely the opposite path as almost everybody else in this world.
His genius was varied and copious, and he showed his capacity to do almost every kind of dramatic work with immense vigour.
The result was that the dominant imitative tendencies almost succeeded in stifling in them all original utterance.
In mechanical invention he is almost the leader of his race.
He has colorless eyes, fixed earnestly, and a face almost as pale as the clerical bands beneath his somewhat receding chin.
The superficial fascia is found immediately beneath the integument over almost the entire surface of the body.
So freely is it used, indeed, that the simple negative appears to be almost abandoned.
During the convalescence of animals, great benefit is derived from almost any change in their habits of life.
These three literatures seem to have existed side by side, almost without knowledge of one another.
Other authors have thus hypothetically bridged over every ocean, and united almost every island with some mainland.
She had lost all perception of smell and was almost constantly bothered by one or two subjective sensations of smell.
In truth it may be laid down as an almost universal rule that good poets are bad critics.
The favorite given names of the old country almost disappear in the first native-born generation.
The potential for bizarre and jokey nomenclature is almost unlimited.
Almost anyone can bang out an atrocious book, but to achieve fame and adulation for it takes a certain kind of genius.
The cave entrance is nearly invisible, a crack almost buried by the steeply piled rubble of the railway embankment.
Anybody can live an almost totally oil-free lifestyle.
Almost a third of those with diabetes suffer gum disease severe enough to endanger teeth.
According to the researchers, some water molecules surround the almost-planet dust and act as almost a sacrificial layer.
The rapidly disappearing daylight seems almost to drag away part of your spirit with it.
In families they joined their elders in protecting children almost to the point of suffocation.
The field is almost entirely yellow, which means that corruption is the norm.
Up to that point, computers had been applied almost exclusively to scientific calculation.
He exerted that influence thanks not to his ideas but almost entirely to his beguiling style, at once rollicking and astringent.
The sound close in, my friend told me later, is almost silent.
Most of us have genes that make us as hardy as dandelions: able to take root and survive almost anywhere.
Human beings, unlike deer, can eat almost anything and live at almost any level they choose.
He was incredibly quick, and could drive past almost anyone back then.
At present it is almost the universal custom to elect the superintendent through the board of education.
We are simultaneously the leader and the laggard among our peers-almost always exceptional, almost never in the middle.
But as individual artists they are almost invisible.
For the next few months the committee met almost every night, learning about real-estate development and discussing strategy.
After all, water pipes are almost always an excellent source of water.
Yet average hourly wages jumped almost four per cent in the past year.
Almost three years ago, the talented singer-songwriter announced that he was taking a break from the music business.
That's because so much socializing takes place online, and it almost always involves text.
No other pitcher has matched this extra-innings deed in the ensuing seventy-six-well, almost-years.
During the first two or three years in practice, your skills seem to improve almost daily.
The mix breaks down to reveal some of the original song, a vocal harmony bridge that plays almost unaccompanied.
Moviemaking is a business almost in spite of itself.
The effect is almost dainty, the musical equivalent of a curtsy.
If a large amount of bone is needed, the procedure can do almost as much harm as good.
Harvester ant stings have evolved a whammy wicked enough to scare off birds, amphibians, and almost everyone else.
Fur seals were almost driven to extinction by hunters and now exist only in this archipelago.
Whatever weariness he felt at the crush of the public gaze, he was almost always willing to pause for the shot.
Sooner or later almost everyone's hair goes gray, but the cause has never been clear.
He had been feeling exhausted, as if he had been sleep-deprived for days, and the cataleptic attacks were occurring almost daily.
Ultrafast computers, built around vastly downsized circuitry and requiring almost no electricity, seemed within reason.
The researchers found that the corresponding area activates almost as strongly when subjects merely think about one or the other.
Commercial space travel is now almost within reach of ordinary citizens.
Though they need almost constant rain, they are reliable crops that can be harvested throughout the year.
But sometimes prose isn't the best in terms of precision, and almost always lacks in economy.
Four brilliant kids, tops in almost everything they ever tried, became instant klutzes.
Activities in the brain occur at synapses, where neurons and receptors almost touch.
The effects' level of technological complexity is staggering, but at the same time, it seems almost unnecessary.
Thankfully, the group doesn't spend almost an entire season underground in this bunker.
We're still talking about him, almost as if he'd never left the premises, for a number of reasons.
T he public impression is almost necessarily static: postage-stamp mutual devotion.
They've been lurking underground for almost two decades.
The list includes rice, snails and almost any form of pasta.
It's almost odd to say so, but mushrooms do have a texture and deep flavor that reminds me of meat.

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