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He focused on the amygdala, a small, almond-shaped area in the middle of the brain known to help process emotions.
The lovely almond trees stood about it in perpetual leaf.
In humans, it is about the size of an almond, housing a motley collection of neurons.
Getting into the field is always fun when you're reporting, especially if the field is full of blossoming almond trees.
They are mildly crunchy, with a woody flavour and notes of almond, or potato.
Almond supplies are normally short of demand, keeping prices up quite high.
He looked straight ahead, his almond-shaped face inscrutable beneath a peaked yellow-silk cap.
The monkeys live in an area with almond, mango, and other exotic fruit trees.
For a nuclear physicist to include a stroll through an almond grove as part of his research may seem a bit peculiar.
It's so much bigger than the mouse brain, which is kind of an almond-size thing.
But he simply looks out the window, eating almond crunches, the wrappers floating away.
The soaps, composed of almond oil and shea butter, are specially designed for sensitive skin.
The cheese and pâté were lovely, but what really caught my eye were bags of almond flour.
Pretty apple and almond blossom around pear, with underlying flintiness.
Simple and ultralight, with touches of bitter almond and arugula flavors.
Apples and strawberries baked with a crumbly almond- macaroon topping make a simple, tart-sweet dessert.
Almond and cardamom are two of our favorite flavors with blueberries.
Have a large serving of your favorite fruits and add an almond cookie on the side.
Into a small bowl, sift together the protein powder, almond flour and powdered egg whites.
But the best thing about the menu was the finale: crisp, chewy little cookies with a subtle almond scent.
To try fig and almond cake, click here for the recipe.
The summer heat also seared through pecan, almond, and peanut crops.
Mixed with roasted almond butter it makes a fabulous spread for bread.
The fig and almond cake and cupcake recipe also calls for a fig jam.
Almond production and exports are expected to fall significantly this year mainly due to unfavorable weather conditions.

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