alma mater in a sentence

Example sentences for alma mater

Support your alma mater and the schools in your area with interest and understanding as well as gifts.
Getting started: Volunteer at your alma mater or another local school.
They must resist the inclination to howl at every departure that their alma mater makes from the good old days.
You've watched your alma mater put up a fight all season, and now the bragging rights come down to one game.
The Culver graduate, class of '48, sent not only money but four children to his alma mater.
Is there anything in sport more annoying than a fluffed-up alum boasting about his alma mater's football team? Probably not.
My dream was to come back to my alma mater for undergrad and be a professor.
Oklahoma and Maryland, his father's alma mater, were also among his final five choices.
He said his most challenging job was as a graduate assistant for Drake, his alma mater, in 1995 and '96.
It's amazing how many grads have bitterness toward their alma mater.
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