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Humanity's indispensable insect ally is facing an array of threats, many man-made.
Ralls and her colleagues have a new ally in their research: a dog.
In the long run a strong ally is better than a weak one.
Last night my wife said that she's my biggest fan and my biggest ally.
If inflation is the enemy, diversification is your ally.
The most powerful player is often the least attractive political ally.
Beneath the difficulty lies a hidden ally.
His ambition fired by the conversation, he began to plan the statue that would be a gift to America from her oldest ally.
Adversity had been their ally.
Superman was created to be the ally of the average American, the guy who didn't have lots of money or friends in high places.
In these situations the monitor on the back of your digital camera is an important ally.
Their insect prey carries human pathogens, so frogs are an ally against disease.
Nature, and the need to regard it as an ally rather than an antagonist, was one of his constant preoccupations.
Opacity was understood as the ally of corruption, transparency the enemy.
She gradually caught on that her new pal was trolling for an ally in a decade-long feud with another senior colleague.
In this matter of profit the law ought to have its strongest ally in the landlord himself, though the reverse is the case.
He too made every forest pathway dangerous to me and my ally with his lurking ambuscades.
And in that sense, location is indeed a powerful ally.
Ally loves him but also chafes at how he tries to control her.
It has brushed away earlier criticism of tolerance for its ally's poor record on human rights and economic management.
Yet it calls it an ally and has showered it with money.
But scientists have found a new ally in the struggle to keep elephants from trampling crops: honeybees.
In one way this lack of global energy might be seen as an ally.
The fact that litigation is their method makes it perfectly easy to be their ally in one effort and their adversary on another.
Nor did he speak of it as a depraved but possibly useful ally.
But the inertia of ice sheets is not our ally against the effects of global warming.

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