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This is an enormous collection of the allusions to Shakespeare from 1591 to 1700.
This was a startling allusion to several bodies of knowledge simultaneously.
Belief is the process where the brain converts illusion to allusion, and allusion into certainty.
The barbershop allusion is funny.
My once-bulging file of poetic allusions is flapping near emptily.
Rather than arguing directly, we're putting forward a review by allusion and inference.
The veiled allusion to Catalan in the last paragraph is totally nonsense.
The allusion to Camelot was unmistakable.
His was a classical allusion meaning to look back to a mythical 'golden age'.
The allusion is to games played with cards, such as whist.
The above cryptic allusion describes the foreign exchange rate for two currencies.
The allusion to rocket science is, unfortunately, apt.
Nothing comparable to it is known from any ancient scientific text or literary allusion.
It got funnier, smarter, richer in allusion and parody.
The allusion is to fruit and other things falling down suddenly, unexpectedly, or accidentally.
The allusion is to the fable of the crane that put its head into a wolf's mouth in order to extract a bone.
The fact too that this flower is sacred to the infernal deities contains an allusion to the same thing.
There's a brisk, largely invisible traffic in allusion going on all the time all around us.

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