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Example sentences for alluring

Initially, this illiquidity was attractive since it seemed to offer more alluring returns.
Cover create an alluring chemistry while they dance around their feelings.
Better understanding chocolate's alluring aroma can also help with tasting technique.
Add an alluring accent to everything from soups to salads.
They found the new pricing format enormously alluring.
The amber-colored liquid in the odd bottle looks alluring in the roadside ad.
Recruitment was supported by alluring spiritual benefits as well as cant.
It is the splendor sound of nature, alluring and free.
On the terrace, a few parents chatted beside an alluring spread of bagels, coffee and fruit.
But it's the journey as well as the destination that makes it so alluring.
The vivid colors and alluring scents of orchids may have you believe their sole purpose is for human enjoyment.
One alluring bed also helps draw attention downward instead of up toward a neighbor's imposing two-story house.
To continue to take such risk, investors need alluring returns.
Let's revisit the gear to see exactly what it is about these gadgets that make them so alluring.
So alluring are funds of funds that investors are willing to pay a double whack of fees to place their money.
The prospect of a fresh start is certainly alluring.
But it remains an alluring destination for all kinds of gustatory debauchery.
But chefs are coming to admire them as flavorful, mysterious and surprisingly alluring.
Brightly alluring on the surface, these rabbits, jam jars and dollhouses are sinister inside.
With ad revenues falling steeply, the market hardly looks alluring.
It might be alluring, but a rare flower hat jelly's lilac-tipped fringe can deliver a painful sting.
It's an alluring prospect, but the approach is still viewed with some suspicion by mainstream psychiatrists.
The researchers say using concrete examples is alluring, because students seem to learn lessons faster.
Macau is small but alluring, and completely different from the big city nearby.
First stem cell clinical trials are for eye diseases because it's an alluring test ground.
The lower prices and better mileage of small cars are alluring.
Whatever the fate of the individual enterprises chasing it, the pot of gold is too alluring to be ignored.
So the idea of fake meat has never been more alluring.
There is something undeniably alluring about being able to prevent cancer with a vitamin.
If you've got fruit, nuts or sugar-free gum within easy reach, that doughnut will seem far less alluring.
The charring gave them an alluring crust and tasty grilled flavor.
The promise of that system is undeniably alluring: whatever your ailment, a pill or a procedure will fix it.
Yet his genius was designing alluring products that would create a country of technology addicts.
Telecommunications is an undeniably alluring, fast-paced, multi-billion dollar industry.

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