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Given its charm and allure, the polar bear's possible demise has struck a chord with people over the world.
For some the wolf is iconic of nature's beauty and allure of the wild.
But the allure is too much.
Few children--or grownups, for that matter--can resist the allure of cuddly kittens and rambunctious puppies.
The allure of biofuels rests in their potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles.
Effectively grainy pastels ably depict the period and convey the timeless allure of baseball.
Like a Siren, the allure of synchrony pulls you into the group.
The hardware has allure, but most users are attracted to the community.
For investors, silver and gold have much of the same allure.
Even so, these overlapping tales have the honest allure of a good campfire yarn.
As tenure-track positions have become rarer and more difficult to obtain, their allure has grown.
They do not only fear their people from doing evil by punishments, but also allure them to virtue with rewards of honour.
Disaster aside, audiences of the movie still got a sense of the rocks and water allure of the sport.
But perfect security for a special collection or an archive will never exist, and their contents will never lose allure.
Look to the physical aspect of your manuscript, and prepare your page so neatly that it shall allure instead of repelling.
The allure of his origins obscured his own account of his inner life.
For many, even knowing that, start-up culture still has its allure.
Part of the allure of diving is viewing the majesty of underwater worlds.
The comfort and allure of full-time employment remain compelling.
Now, the old work lends more depth and allure to the new.
As long as the world economy remains uncertain and investors fear inflation and sovereign default, gold will keep its allure.
Under real-world political pressures, the allure of strategic trade policy fades quickly.
And these days there is much less allure for managers in decamping to start their own hedge funds.
Its prominence has had much to with the global dominance of its culture, the allure of its labour market and its lavish bursaries.
The financial crisis may have increased the allure of the euro zone, but it has also made it trickier to get in.
But elections are won among swing voters, and he holds far more allure for them than any of his rivals.
Age has weathered him, but a certain allure evinces itself.
Having a second-hand experience intermediated by robotics and other technologies doesn't have the same allure.
But an uglier possibility is that doctors are more dazzled than ever by the allure of the latest pill to come down the pike.
Individuals who you once found attractive no longer have that special allure.
And youthful allure you can't procure in term of perms and tucks.
The allure of pure central world government power fixed all that.
And they can't afford the luxury of the toxic allure of absolute certainty.
There is a sensuous allure in the curving, swelling architecture of dunes.
Available-light photography has always held the allure of intimacy.
For all of its allure, gold's human and environmental toll has never been so steep.
Watch one run, and the allure of skeleton is obvious: it's kamikaze style.
In fact, the cliffs' isolation may have been an important part of their allure.
The allure of wealth, comfort, and health is powerful indeed.
But they have something else: presence, or maybe allure, fascination or magic.
Even for the non-suicidal insurgent, the allure of arms often trumps the bleak career alternatives of civilian life.
If his eminence and allure could not make him happy, then he was a braver, more cunning artist than anyone suspected.
In the decades since, the allure of anarchism as a viable political system has faded.
Suburbia's original allure was an escape from city problems such as crime and congestion.
No one quite knows what it's about, and that's part of the allure.
Teens from across the country discuss the media influence and allure of steroids for sports and self-image.
Cultural allure aside, the clean mountain air was beneficial to sufferers of consumption and other ailments.

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