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The format allowed me to offer constructive criticism and ensure that their conversations remained on track during the project.
Exports of trophies, such as skins and heads, would have been allowed.
Under the pact, use of the pesticide is allowed only for controlling malaria.
When my children were born, fathers were not allowed in the delivery room.
The system extension allowed users to collapse open windows with a click of the mouse.
The college subsequently allowed one such offender to enroll.
The method allowed scientists to spot the appearance of zones where seismic waves moved unusually slowly.
The picture that emerges from all this is that a combination of features allowed sauropods to grow large.
Can also be allowed to sprawl and used as a ground cover.
So the switch to volcanoes that erupt above water might have allowed oxygen to build up.
Fortunately, their survival training allowed them to cope with the tough situations.
Today, hunting is allowed on more than half of national refuges-an important tool in managing wildlife.
Before being eaten they must be allowed to ripen further to lose their puckery astringency and become as soft and sweet as jelly.
Individuals will be allowed to rent, buy and sell their homes.
The water that returns to the surface once the well is allowed to flow can be used again with minimal treating.
It's also allowed large populations to live in regions that wouldn't otherwise meet their demands for fresh water.
We were always allowed to play outside at night, too.
If seeds are allowed to ripen, the plant will stop producing.
Pets are allowed in the park as long as they are leashed.
Blaming people for not doing something they're not allowed to do does not seem reasonable.
In that time, overfishing has allowed seaweed and algae to grow unchecked, smothering coral worldwide.
There is no water available on-site, and dogs are not allowed.
The changes gave the church full legal status, removed restrictions on its rites, and allowed priests to vote.
For one, the plentiful food sources allowed for easier reproduction and a denser population.
They reduced the radio's sampling rate which in turn allowed the radio chips to be run at a lower clock rate, thus saving energy.
Angling the sink and simplifying wall treatments allowed the cramped and busy room to breathe easier.
Private-equity firms will now be allowed to own bigger stakes.
So far, ten such embryos have been created, though they have not been allowed to develop for more than five days.
Genetic engineering has allowed scientists to make their own living models for studying a host of diseases.
Makes a great privacy screen if not allowed to become bare at the base add to my plant list.
The government has not allowed electricity tariffs to rise in step with coal prices, forcing producers to operate at a loss.
These maneuvers allowed engineers to change the craft's speed and direction without burning fuel.
We allowed the students to participate in the decision making as much as possible.
If allowed to turn completely brown and become mushy, fruit is better for drying.
These sequences allowed the researchers to control when and where the introduced genes expressed themselves.
When the peppers are allowed to turn red on the plant, they're usually dried before being used in cooking.
Makes a great privacy screen if not allowed to become bare at the base.
Children aren't allowed in this space without an adult, but the reverse is also true.
Commercial trees are allowed to carry branches right to ground.
The chair had goofed on how many people were allowed on the panel, and one of us had to go.
None of us who worked at the university was allowed to forget that.
The four librarians under the gag order weren't allowed to talk to each other by phone.
Elected officials are allowed to buy four season tickets, and staff or cabinet members may buy two.
Little has been done to remedy the supervisory and regulatory failings that allowed such a disaster to happen.
The research also shows that the bronze was cast in a way that allowed preservation of the model.
Why are companies allowed to push people to overeat.
The fruit is so smelly that it isn't allowed in many public places.
In fact, they are the seed pods of a radish plant that has been allowed to flower and go to seed.
He believes that the country's overwhelmingly public universities should be allowed to set.
The new craft's body was constructed around a rotor, which allowed the replica to be manipulated atop a five-story-tall column.
His invention allowed him to stow his bed in his closet, transforming his one-room apartment from a bedroom into a parlor.
Those with deficits are not allowed to keep deficit-spending.
Unfortunately, it has allowed itself to become part of the problem.
Party members there have been allowed to select delegates to party congresses through secret ballots.
The dinosaur's oddest feature was a broad, straight-edged muzzle, which allowed its mouth to work close to the ground.
If sleeping, the dogs were allowed to lie-unless they barked up the wrong tree.
These unique strains allowed the scientists to track where the cats had been and at approximately what time.
The mixture is boiled and allowed to set before being molded into a loaf, sliced up and finally pan-fried until golden brown.
Flies on a diet live much longer than flies that are allowed to eat all they want.
He should not be allowed to endanger our kids whose school air lies in the path of the fumes he emits.
For example, their multiple stomachs probably allowed them to extract maximum nutrition from their food.
The bunged-up financial system has not allowed lower interest rates to work their magic on commerce.
The regime did not want to be blamed for him dying behind bars, he says, so he was allowed out for treatment.
To firm loose gravel, he watered it with a hose and allowed it to harden overnight.
Time and space have allowed trees and shrubs to mature, and let gardeners work out plant combinations for every season.
Lighters completely drained of fuel are allowed in your checked baggage, but never in your carry-on.
Carry-on luggage may still be allowed on airplanes, but what goes in that luggage must meet federal aviation guidelines.
There are certain things you're not allowed to carry on a flight.
Dogs and horses are allowed with permission at time of reservation.
Visitors are not allowed on cruise ships and hulls are inspected more regularly.
Look from the street, though, because no visitors are allowed.
No longer immersed, the crystals stopped growing, although they would start growing again if water were allowed to return.
On your visit to a wildlife park, you're allowed to hand-feed kangaroos and wallabies.
He invented a medical instrument that allowed doctors to reach the pituitary gland more easily.
But many others were allowed to skate by in college.
Harvard's leaders have allowed the university's mission to drift from education to customer satisfaction.
Domestic ducks should always be well cooked, requiring little more than twice the time allowed for wild ducks.
Words that interrupt quotations should never be allowed stops to part them from the quotation.
He had the enthusiasm of the discoverer and, here and there allowed it to obscure his critical faculty.
Dip chicken in sauce which has been allowed to cool.
Then they extracted the lowest fraction of the liquid and allowed whatever cells it contained to form the next generation.
After two cocaine injections the mice were again allowed to freely explore the compartments.
We won't be allowed to let the science be the science.
Marine scientists have long been allowed to install instruments on offshore structures.
They were allowed to travel the racing circuit, and some even managed their owners' racing operation.
Perhaps more significant, however, is how this wing-folding mechanism may have allowed birds to take to the air.
Parts of the site will molder and must be allowed to, if only to show the fragility of life.
The mixture is allowed to age for weeks or months, and then is applied to a metal framework.
Four small loopholes-three-inch-wide openings in the wall-would have allowed sentries to observe anyone who approached.
One bear in particular even allowed those that fed him to take photos along side him.
All the pounding in this sprawling suburban kitchen allowed for minimal talk but much introspection.
It's what has allowed us to survive as a species so successfully.
Further, you're able to limit who can make contact with you, as well as who is allowed to comment on your page.
More significantly, the government has allowed foreign airlines to invest in cargo airlines.
Steady growth has allowed governments to expand the services they offer.
In tests where the candidate is allowed to change his mind about an answer, the pattern of changes also provides information.
It is not any individual bank that is too big to be allowed to fail, but the banking industry as a whole.
And many of them enjoy the comfortable living arrangements allowed by such fortunes.
Players won't be allowed to work out with their teams or communicate with their coaches.
It got the division general managers to fall in line with corporate goals but allowed them to run their divisions freely.
People of all political persuasions, long repressed or co-opted, were suddenly allowed into the conversation.
Lunge-feeding may have allowed whales to become the biggest animals ever to roam the planet.
Only later did the mysticetes develop adaptations that allowed their mouths, and thus their bodies, to become really big.
They approached peacefully and allowed the lower-ranking specialists to eat a portion of the popcorn.
They also implanted radio tracking devices on some of the squid that allowed them to track the animals' movements day and night.
Soon my irritation turned to puzzlement, and some self-observation allowed me to track my frustration to a precise source.
They've been through quite a few toasty re-entries, and they should be allowed to continue to wear that experience.
These days, no major production is allowed to embark without him.
Once words enter the workplace they're allowed to bounce about between different parts-of-speech with freewheeling fluidity.
We weren't allowed to sit on our squares, only to squat.
It allowed for big dramas and big emotions on a giant stage.
The government has allowed restaurants to provide carryout service, but business is slow.
They hid behind the columns to take pictures of the money and each other after being told they weren't allowed.
For many weeks, he was not allowed out of his cell, a chamber six and a half paces long.
Will admitted that twenty percent of his customers are prison inmates who are not allowed access to computers.
He has been allowed to stay in a hospital, rather than a jail.
We learned then which of the spellings was the one that got the results, which allowed us to automatically correct them.
The service marks the first time a major digital music retailer has allowed users such flexibility.
The system significantly reduced vibrations, saved energy, and allowed rotor movement to be more precisely controlled.
But absolutely no incandescent light bulbs allowed any more ever again.
It took a government to get all the innovation done in a way that allowed those companies to safely take risks.
At the same time, advances in technology have allowed for a growing public acceptance of an increase in toll roads.
But it is encrypted and appended with a list that specifies which other users are allowed to see the file.
Video display units allowed command line information to be displayed more rapidly.
Ultimately, this allowed them to get a better picture of the fossil.
Leaks and spills have occurred at the on-site pits where wastewater is allowed to fester.
The guy who pays too much for his house is not allowed to simply hand the keys to the bank and walk away.
We were not to be allowed to play outside, even in our own garden.
The conditions within the caverns are so delicate that a handful of scientists are the only people allowed inside-ever.
There had been second and third wives, because of early deaths, but they had not been allowed to break the aristocratic code.
He got toward the base of the face, still well above the bottom, and rounded out of the drop as the surface curvature allowed.
Citing his asthma, he asked for and was allowed a retake.
His room was part of a suite, and he was allowed to go out into the sitting area with the police to watch television and chat.
He was allowed to read but was held in a room that had no electric light, so when the sun went down reading stopped.
It suggested the reserves of people waiting to be allowed to live an adult life.
Half the resultant gunk is then put into the ramekins and allowed to set in the refrigerator.
At first he demanded that she pay him for being allowed to go home after work.
But those abatements have allowed the kind of gilded lives not known for over a century.
He would probably have made a poor showing even if he had been allowed to run.
And he suggested that foreigners who came here to get advanced degrees should be allowed to stay.
Conversely, when poverty-minded superiors are allowed to let their own medical problems go untreated, people profess horror.
It only allowed taxpayers a full credit against their taxes if they contributed.
The stories are well told and are allowed to speak for themselves.
If that agreement is absent, it will not be allowed to stay free.
Larger containers that are half-full or toothpaste tubes rolled up are not allowed.
The following items will not be allowed through the security checkpoint.
Depreciation allowed or allowable if you used your home for business or rental purposes.
Other areas are delicate natural habitats, where pets can upset wildlife and are not allowed.
Below is a sampling of uses allowed in single-family districts.
Elective procedures such as plastic surgery or elective dental work are generally not allowed.
Basis adjustment for depreciation allowed or allowable.
They must be on leash at all times and are not allowed in the backcountry or on trails.

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