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It defines the smallest allowable amount of quanta in the quantum universe.
All do basically the same thing-they give individuals limited shares of an overall allowable catch.
Commit a sin thrice and you will think it allowable.
It is logically quite unnecessary, but rhetorically quite allowable, to use commas as well as conjunctions.
Notice that there are different ways of doing the same thing, all of which are allowable.
To use this sharp raillery against opponents and antagonists in judicial pleading seems allowable rhetoric.
No one can be the arbiter of what is allowable within the marketplace of ideas.
That's perfectly allowable, and science is applicable.
The list of allowable reasons should be a short one, limited to facts that are readily proven and clearly applicable to the case.
The test paper has turned an ominous shade of ochre, suggesting arsenic up to four times the allowable limit.
But some airlines are fighting back with stringent regulations on allowable carry-on sizes.
Compare your luggage's linear dimensions with the airline's allowable dimensions.
After you obtain your fishing license, you must adhere to regulations regarding allowable means of catching fish.
The online reservation system will inform campers about the allowable dates for camping at each site.
If you happen to be booking the final allowable animal, you can only do so at the airport ticket counter.
Only one rebate per product category, per household is allowable.
Tables of allowable combinations for state reporting purposes.

Famous quotes containing the word allowable

In dinner talk it is perhaps allowable to fling any faggot rather than let the fire go out.... more
It is always allowable to ask for artichoke jelly with your boiled venison; however there are houses where ... more
Love and war are the same thing, and stratagems and policy are as allowable in the one as in the other.... more
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