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They must be able to hold a good amount of compost, allow for aeration and drainage, and permit easy mixing.
But sometimes it takes such drastic action to change the direction of your life and allow you to follow a dream.
They are only biding their time until political conditions allow them to once again cut taxes.
Many colleges allow football players to take the easy way out.
Having an online grave will allow less long drives to commemorate the dead.
Brain implants may allow humans to remotely guide some shark behavior.
We need to allow the technology to develop to give us new forms of energy.
Modifications of the trachea to allow speech pushed the trachea and esophagus further down the throat to make way.
Double-hung windows above the sink allow in air and light.
The new filtering options on the home page allow you to narrow and focus updates and other content.
Of course, it has always been a violation of the city's health code to allow a dog anywhere near a beer tap.
Advance planning and backup systems allow colleges to recover data.
The point of it all is to allow more precise investigation of how human gut bacteria work.
Allow students to design the garden and suggest plants that should be included.
Our dynamic museum programs allow you to step through our doorway into history.
Many other sites allow users to import and export their information, including contacts, quickly and easily.
Floating homes allow for commercial development without displacing flood plains.
They could also open up new ways of producing existing goods, and even allow entirely new goods to be made.
Apply craft glue between the overlapped pieces and allow it to dry.
And cars allow criminals to escape where before neighbours could run after and often catch them.
Allow xeriscapes to dry out thoroughly between waterings.
But the app toes the line of what federal regulations allow.
It would also allow faculty members to experiment with learning techniques and the semester calendar itself.
These compact systems allow scientists to study animal behavior without interference by a human observer.
How they do this remains a mystery, but new research has uncovered some of the genes that allow these cells to renew themselves.
People sometimes allow their livestock to graze in the reserve itself, though it is illegal.
Open the bags to allow air circulation every few days.
But rubber tips are easier to clean than foam, and allow for more breathability.
Allow for the possibility that editing you disagree with is not incompetent.
Interest income is usually taxable, whereas some countries allow mortgage payments to be tax deductible.
The super sticky feet of geckos allow the animals to cling easily to nearly any surface.
The tall smokestacks allow pollution to travel long distances.
Allow a hose to trickle slowly and move it periodically over several hours.
It is so sad to see that so many countries still do not allow equality between the two.
Models also allow scientists to make predictions about the future climate.
New techniques to track the disease before symptoms arise may allow testing of drugs at a stage when they may be more effective.
Cut from the outside to allow the center part of the plant to keep growing.
They range from the use of recycled redwood to the four atriums that allow for natural heating and cooling.
Another six allow initiatives only to enact statutes.
The trick here is to keep the supporting colors neutral and allow the vibrant hue to shine.
The difference this time is that the frequencies being released will allow larger chunks of data to be moved further and faster.
Allow the paint to dry, then fill the circles with brown paint.
Differences between living animals and ancient fossils are expected, but the differences also allow for debate.
Drop glops onto a baking sheet or plate lined with wax paper and allow to cool.
Sprinkle seeds onto a plate and allow them to dry for one to three days, depending on the weather.
The moon's poles are believed to be bathed in near constant sunlight, which should allow for solar power generation.
Nostrils located on the top of their snouts allow them to breathe while keeping their bodies submerged.
The wood is left as natural as possible and details such as interlocking joinery allow you to see how pieces are put together.
Relativity theory does not allow for travel into the past.
At the enclosed end of the deck, panels made of horizontal tree stakes allow for peace and privacy.
Plug in the steam cleaner and allow the water to heat up until the cleaner signals to continue.
Allow a few hips to form, completing the flowering cycle and ushering plants into dormancy.
Determining how much water remains locked in these rocks may allow scientists to figure out how long ago the planet dried out.
During dry season, water as infrequently as plant will allow.
Centuries of hybridizing allow for a wide range of colors and looks.
Allow paper to air-dry thoroughly before wrapping gifts.
Allow the bed to rest for three to four weeks before planting.
When flowering tapers off and leaves start to yellow, stop watering the plants and allow the foliage to die back.
Allow four or five days to really explore all three districts.
To prevent powdery mildew, allow for air circulation between plants and avoid overhead watering.
And then there is my tendency to garden with plants that are on the edge of what my climate will allow.
Rock the rose back and forth to settle it in and to allow air pockets to bubble up through the mud.
And some even allow you to choose items from a list of what's likely to be available.
The provision would allow military commanders to repeal the ban.
The arrangements allow the third parties to make or purchase student loans.
The government has already been performing in practice what the bill purports to allow in theory.
Rubber cushions around the heads allow blades to hug facial curves.
You're presenting false choices here: either allow laptops or be a crappy, overbearing, power-hungry prof.
Even some private companies value the seven-year break for their staff members, although few if any allow a year off.
Light levels are low enough to allow animals to conceal themselves.
Hillsdale does not accept any federal money and does not allow.
Please allow a two-week notice to ensure that your subscription is suspended on time.
For about six weeks after birth, mothers do not allow entry into the nursery burrow.
But gene therapy could allow athletes to build more muscle, faster, and to stay strong longer without further effort.
But state election laws also allow other uses of voter data.
The campuses reopened this month to allow the completion of the spring semester.
But many professors don't use the software, or don't allow students to screen drafts.
But a proposal to allow limited fishing for scientific purposes was struck down by the panel.
It doesn't allow you to choose ripe, harvestable truffles, so you'll rake up immature and unripe ones.
Such services allow developers to write applications for the web and mobile devices.
Fresh infusions of capital would allow firms to restructure.
Cracks in this rock allow anything that's dumped on the ground to travel unfiltered to the bottom.
We will never share your e-mail address with other organizations unless you allow us to do so.
If extended to humans, the technique would allow researchers to create potentially all-purpose stem cells without using embryos.
Her research shows that bees take refuge under power lines when utility companies allow the land there to grow shrubs and flowers.
Unlike a formal sit-down dinner party, an open house lets people come and go as their busy schedules allow.
In winter, even desert plants may hold enough moisture to allow a camel to live without water for several weeks.
He therefore would not allow us to celebrate them at our house.
They would allow well-equipped armies to conquer more quickly and effectively, with less loss of life.
We must allow for levels of infinity beyond those contemplated by set theorists.
The legislation would allow mild procedures to be approved by an employer.
Alternatively, such short naps may not necessarily change the strength of the memory, but rather allow easier access to it.
Many of the hiking areas are in parks that allow for overnight camping.
Friendly enough to not to close the door, non-attached enough to allow the financial markets room to thrive.
The revised moratorium would allow some drilling rigs to resume operating under certain conditions.
Splits and cracks around fasteners are common with wood and composite decking, which can allow moisture infiltration.
The narrow wedge of space under the slanting roof is open to keep out rain but allow in light and air.
The unobtrusive panels protect the bamboo from rain but allow diffused sunlight to filter through.
The height of the supports varies with the design of each feeder to allow room for birds of different sizes.
Our recipes and easy cooking ideas allow the full, earthy flavor of pure wild rice to shine through.
It will allow humans to view deep into space and time and explore the origins of the universe in ways never before possible.
Sweeter still, these little laws allow us to sound intellectual without having to do any homework.
His eventual goal is to link the system with a muscle stimulator that could allow paralysed people to walk.
They allow us to put our own distributorships there.
They could allow utilities to charge different rates at different times of day.
Neither is it currently prepared to allow emergency rooms to turn away uninsured patients.
For vegetables, expect tomatoes, use boiling water and allow one teaspoon of salt to each quart jar.
Weigh, allow one pound sugar to each pound of fruit, and one cup water to each pound of sugar.
Strain through a coarse strainer, then allow juice to drop through a double thickness of cheese-cloth or a jelly bag.
Weigh oranges, and allow three-fourths their weight in cut sugar.
IT is certain the law does not allow a corporate city to inherit any estate by will, or to receive a legacy.
For seven potatoes allow one tablespoon salt, and boiling water to cover.
Tie securely, leaving some space to allow the pudding to swell, and plunge into a kettle of boiling water.
Allow two tablespoons ground coffee to one cup cold water.
Some languages allow the composition of all or nearly all types of elements.
To be out of the house late at night or sitting up, except to study, are imprudences she can not allow herself.
The facial tube is loosely attached to the rectal wall by areolar tissue in order to allow of distension of the viscus.
Since then all but a handful of colleges have chosen to allow recruiters rather than forgo federal funds.
They are great for viewing media and allow students to share readings.
Interruptions by technology often break concentration and allow for too much dependence on outside sources for ideas.
Grade-nondisclosure policies, as they are known, allow students to withhold their grades from future employers.
Allow for more fine-tuned editing of the text so that it can be synchronized more accurately with the audio.
The savings to the university could allow it to educate more students with any given amount of resources.
Many curbside programs allow you to recycle paper and plastic in the same bin.
Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user's computer and allow websites to remember information about users.
Regulations still allow the use of animal blood and blood products as well as pig and horse protein.
Parks, farmlands, and wilderness areas allow human use while preserving natural habitats.
Storey studies the molecular mechanics that allow wood frogs to freeze and thaw.
Chemicals in a wood frog's blood allow the frog to freeze solid during the winter and still survive.
For example, big windows placed on the sunny side of a building allow sunlight to heat-absorbent materials on the floor and walls.
Allow enough time to savor the subtle beauty of this vast wilderness.
The engravings have been removed to allow construction of the highway to proceed.
However, don't be surprised if the train operator in which you plan to travel does not allow pets on its trains.
Localities can decide whether to allow direct shipping.
Many hotels don't allow smoking inside the rooms or have nonsmoking rooms, but guests sometimes still smoke.
Yes, so make sure your pop-up blocker is configured to allow them.
Delay will allow time for debate on regulating potentially dangerous research.
In the cultures which allow it, there is a significant increase in birth defects.
Because it's thin, the film doesn't allow for much energy storage.
Being slim and sleek would allow it to go where other devices can be awkward or invasive.
The new method may soon allow doctors to diagnose tumors without removing a piece of tissue from a patient.
Order them two weeks ahead to allow preparation and shipping from the farm and request that the necks be removed.
Blend the mixture gently, cover it, and allow it to ripen overnight.
And the pressure-cooker models are definitely appealing, since they allow you to make rice and beans in one shot.
Do not allow the water over which the sauce is cooking to come to a boil.
Cut several gashes in the pastry to allow for the escape of steam.
The gatherings allow family and friends to spend time together while simultaneously churning out dozens upon dozens of tamales.
But the images also allow us to glimpse the destruction in a relatively benign environment-books are not people.
Large windows allow a glimpse of the murals from the street, but this is as much of the building as the public will ever see.
It could easily relax its mortgage acquisition criteria in a similar fashion to allow lenders to refinance any loan.
Large companies benefit from big cost savings because existing laws allow them to group workers together in large risk pools.
But the ease with which online music retailers allow us to continue to enjoy her music can only help bring her closer.
Americans wanted to own homes far larger than they could afford, and to allow the strong to exploit the weak.
We don't know what the solutions are-yet, somehow, we're supposed to not allow our anxiety to overpower our lives.
Mark did not allow her to have her own checkbook or see the bills.
The rare talent is to wear ambition lightly, and to allow toughness to be taken for granted.
He would never allow himself to be that unguarded again.
Those three qualities are great, because they allow you to create anything.
He knew, however, that the walls would at best allow for delay.
But some way has to be found to allow the countries in crisis to grow their way out of their difficulties.
All this would imply that it will not quickly allow itself to be destroyed or implode through rivalries.
It cannot allow them to continue policing themselves.
Much will depend on the willingness of the military to allow an open political process to take place.
And he is gravely debilitated by asthma, an affliction which he refuses to allow to incapacitate him.
The spread of wireless technology will allow marketers to do much more with this information.
He might even allow the book's central achievement: the coherent charting of how the art so strangely emerged from the life.
Occasionally, he'd allow me to take a photograph as he bent over the parchment with his pen.
Days could be spent in devising felicitous coincidences to allow the brief exchange in the laundry room to be picked up elsewhere.
She thought of herself as a goddess, in possession of a great strength that would allow her to achieve anything she wanted.
Nobody is quite sure if these kinds of computations are possible or how to achieve them but quantum mechanics seems to allow them.
Within a year or two, similar technology could allow electric-vehicle owners to charge their cars without plugging them in.
Zebrafish embryos are a staple of developmental biology: the transparent eggs allow scientists to study development as it unfolds.
The devices would allow mice and other small animals to move freely.
The currently favored approach to creating reliable software is to test it under as many conditions as time and imagination allow.
Clouds sometimes form more quickly than the laws of physics seem to allow.
The essential idea here is that the space can be designed to allow only certain wavelengths to operate.
It was designed to allow family members to organize their digital memorabilia alongside scans of physical artifacts.
In fact, many various technologies may have combined over time to allow and influence our evolutionary path.
Natural selection can favor genes that allow children to grow up healthy.
Indeed, the treatment might someday allow patients to regrow missing or mangled body parts.
Most games don't allow progress until you've reached a certain level of expertise.
Some of the trades allow bacteria to cope with new sources of food.
When light hits the transplanted proteins, they allow ions to stream into the neurons, which makes them fire.
And editing gene expression would allow much more detailed control over those cells than is currently possible.
Scientific training involves a rigorous socialization process that doesn't allow for different perspectives, she says.
These bumps allow the fins to tilt further without stall by changing the way water flows over them.
Large national parks that have extensive backcountry areas as a rule do not allow dogs on trails.
We have made efforts to winterize more rest areas to allow us to keep them open year around.

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