allover in a sentence

Example sentences for allover

Representational imagery dissolved into the aesthetic nirvana of the unified, allover field.
Add a glint of metallic, and an allover damask pattern dances in the light.
Since then, millions of solar water and space heaters have been installed in homes and other buildings allover the world.
But it is required that you, in essence, begin your jury deliberations allover again.
When she began to bleed, he warned her not to bleed allover his car.
Since then laser fusion research has been conducted allover the world.
People fly from allover the world to vacation here and to windsurf.
Fill the paper from edge to edge so that there is an allover pattern.
He noted that wind energy generation projects would be springing up allover.
In addition to the possibility of a higher premium, the contestable period would start allover.
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